WISCONSIN Essay Analysis


We require one essay as part of the application. Along with your transcripts, test scores, work experience, and references, these essays will be a critical part of evaluating you as a candidate for admission.

Fall 2016 Application Cycle Required Essay:

Please explain why you are interested in the Wisconsin MBA, and specifically how the career specialization you are applying to will help you achieve your short-term career goals and impact your long-term career goals.

WISCONSIN Essay Explanations:

  • Why you are interested in Wisconsin MBA ---is a very specific question looking for specific takeaways & learnings which you expect from the school.
  • The programs of Entrepreneurship & innovation, Arts Business initiative, Global business programs & business fundamentals.
  • Ten career specializations are available, each offering an intensive curriculum that combines foundational management knowledge, specialized career preparation, and real-world learning experiences with industry leaders.
  • Each specialization is supported by a corresponding knowledge center. The center serves as a gathering place where you can receive personalized support andbusiness connections can be made within the context of a particular career specialization.
  • This focused preparation, combined with a general management core, gives you a competitive edge. Employers know that you can begin making a contribution in a functional area right away, yet you are also prepared to move into positions of broad responsibility and influence.
  • Be specific on the key areas of interests & development

Suppose you choose, Marketing Management ---

If your answer is “yes,” then consider how one of our three top-ranked Wisconsin MBA programs in marketing can help you make an immediate impact in your career:

Our students start and continue careers as brand managers, strategic marketing managers, product managers, senior market research analysts, market research associate managers, consumerology analysts, sourcing managers, supply chain analysts, demand planning managers, and senior marketing analysts.

Whatever path you choose, our cross-functional applied curriculum ensures you will have direct and continuous access to award-winning research faculty and leading industry executives. Throughout your two years in the program, you’ll enjoy myriad opportunities to apply the knowledge you gain in the classroom to real-life business problems through hands-on applied learning, global trips, project-based consulting, or paid internships.

So this insight helps you in stating your short term & long Term goals.