Why is Graduate School Important

For pursuing higher education, for living the best possible campus life and for learning and enjoying, experiencing graduate school is highly recommended. Unlike under-graduate schools, here puts more focus on cultivating specific skills and knowledge to be a specialist in a particular field. You will grow more confident in whatever you pursue and will be far more consistent in the decisions you make.

Also, once you come out of your comfort zone and step out into the unknown will you realize and appreciate the different cultures and will learn to mingle with the many unfamiliar situations.
Probably the biggest asset which you will imbibe will be the value of perseverance, and during the course you are bound to face very daunting hurdles, particularly if the course demands extensive field-work, and in the process of trying to devise solutions you will start enjoying the journey and in the hindsight you will develop different perspectives. And self-realization is the best possible way to mature; for it fosters accountability.

A University is a life in itself, another world waiting to be explored. You should be excited because you will meet, mingle and interact with a team of professors and researchers and together will work on intriguing projects. Add to it the ambience all around and the potentially gruesome and long hours will appear as if you floating all over. There will always financial paucity, but then you are living away from home all alone this should be taken as an opportunity to challenge yourself. Moreover the environment all around you and the crowd you will find will more than make up for it. Remember, this monetary crunch is only for the time-being; the graduate degree is your ticket to big bucks in the future. It is an investment, an investment which is made so that the future seems secure, because typically a person with a graduate degree is expected to earn much more than an under-graduate student.

Nothing comes easy, and more so when it involves dedicated work ethic. So a graduate degree does not guarantee a job for you, but at the same time what it does guarantee is credibility.
A graduate degree from one of the top Ivy League schools will enhance your reputation, and this will come to your advantage when you are seeking more competitive positions which will have intense competition.

These reasons might be very practical, but if you possess a love for learning, I am sure you will not read these convincing lessons because your mind is already made up.

For generations together, getting enrolled in an Ivy League college had been reserved for the children coming of rich and affluent families; it was considered part of their lineage and was considered their birth right. In 2004 however the story changed and in the process of diversifying the student body and providing a level-playing field to the low-income, high-achieving students Harvard announced a game-changing financial aid campaign, so that even these students could get a chance to kick start their careers from an Ivy League college: If a student managed to make it through, the school would then assume the role of a mentor. (In 1998,Princeton broke the ice as it the first Ivy to offer less privileged families the financial help; Yale followed Harvard in 2005.) For families with a combined income of less than $40,000, there was no compulsion of paying for the education of their ward.
Just remember: If there are problems, there are bound to be solutions, so just keep your eyes and ears open and be receptive to the changes that will always take place around you.