When to apply for a new I-20 form

The student needs to apply for a new I-20 form when he/she is planning to change:

  • The financial conditions and resources
  • The completion date of the program
  • The study course
  • If the student is planning to shift and change the institution. 

The first person that should be immediately contacted is the Designated School Official, and almost immediately try to submit the required documents to the Department of Homeland Security through the Student and Exchange Visitor Program within the SEVIS.

Intimation of information will result in you in being barred and deported.

Moving around as an F-1 student:
It is imperative for the student to maintain the status because there are so many added benefits that come along with it. Along with the advantages discussed earlier, the Designated School Official will also endorse the SEVIS I-20 form for the purpose of travelling. Keep in touch with the DSO from time to time to always be sure of the endorsement eligibility.
Along with the authentic SEVIS I-20 form, these are the documents needed:

  • A valid F-1 visa
  • A valid passport
  • An official transcript copy
  • Documents related to finances used to issue SEVIS I-20