What is VISA?

The importance of higher education goes without saying. In order to achieve success, higher education has become imperative. Along with interests, significant investments have to be made, and hence there have to be decisions made. The stakes are high, and the process is an intricate one. There is also this decision to be about life after education, and if there are job- opportunities what is the process of staying on in the United States. This will make you eligible for an immigrant status. Hence, it is very important to identify opportunities and hurdles that will help you and your sponsors. Often, due to ignorance many rules may be flouted, and this will have adverse implications on your visa and your stay in the United States.

Student Visa Process for USA

All the different clauses, the different issues, the many hurdles and the available solutions, all have been discussed to help the aspiring students to be confident while taking this pivotal step in your career. Also, we provide tips from stories, real-life examples and different immigration procedures. How will the journey as an F1 student finally unravel in the United States?