University of Pennsylvania Wharton Essay Analysis


Wharton Essay 1

What do you hope to gain both personally and professionally from the Wharton MBA? (500 words maximum)

Wharton Essay 1 Explanation

The details of the question link to your typical MBA statement. The allocated 500 words require that you discuss your goals and contextualize how they are realistic for you. Next, give the admissions committee an opportunity to access how you will use Wharton resources in pursuing these goals. Show the admissions committee you truly understand the offering s of Wharton and that you have a plan to reap the Wharton experience maximally. You have to familiarize yourself with the resources at the school and identify those that link directly to you and your set path. Remember to keep off listing classes that you find interesting without including your list of resources. Think of how the experience you gain will contribute to your professional growth through a demonstrable level of maturity and awareness.   

Next, Wharton goes further to ask about your personal growth. Think of the personal areas you want to develop such as challenging yourself to be a better public speaker, or pushing yourself past your comfort zone by taking up a role at the institution. Since no correct answer exists for what or how you may want to develop personally, worry less about it. Keep focused instead on a demonstration of self-awareness and show the committee that you truly grasp why Wharton may best serve your needs. Focus on matters linked to the school mostly and give the committee the impression that you have securely screwed on your personal goals. Inform the committee that you have a realistic idea of your role in the industries you wish to join post MBA. Taking your weak points and giving the committee a peak into how your two years in business may leverage your weaknesses will work.