Wait-List Management



waitlist management


A waitlist is a situation, where a student is neither accepted, nor rejected. The candidates, who are on the waiting list, may, or may not be called for further proceedings. Waitlist situations can be frustrating for the candidates. about the waitlist situation and discover effective ways to manage such circumstances. After doing, all the hard work, the candidates might find themselves in a situation, where they are neither selected, nor rejected. Managing the waitlist situation can be tricky, and you need to deal with the situation with ample patience.

Most candidates, perform brilliantly right throughout the application process, but they find their names on the waiting list.

The first question that strikes is - What does it mean to be wait-listed? Or Why am I wait listed?

What does it mean to be a waitlisted applicant?


You are a worthy competitive applicant.

Being on the waiting list is not a rejection, rather it clearly shows, you are one of the competitive applicants, amongst thousands of other applicants. You are waitlisted, because the admission officers need time to decide. The earlier you are wait-listed, the greater are your chances of acceptance, as the admission officers get more time to decide on your candidacy.

Weakness in your profile

Wait-listed candidates, have some weaknesses in their profile. Most candidates are wait-listed, because they have a certain set of weaknesses in their profile. So, the admission officers keep them in the waitlist, for the final consideration. If you are waitlisted, you need to review the copy of your application, and identify the possible weaknesses in your profile. If, you are not selected, then you improve upon your weaknesses, and re-apply in the next year, this can considerably increase your chances of your acceptance.

What are the waitlist policies?

The waitlist policies vary from one school to another. Some schools encourage communication, and allow you to update your information, like- new test scores, new grades, career planning updates, goal statements etc. They even permit you to submit extra recommendation. However, some schools strictly discourage interaction, or further communication. So, you need to carefully understand the waitlist policies of different schools.

Important question -What should you consider, before making the final decision on your admission?

  • You need to consider the place where you want to live.
  • We recommend you, to do a detailed research about the environment, culture, and the atmosphere of your target school.
  • You need to consider the place, where you want to work after school. Suppose, you want to work in California, then you should target the top business schools based in California.
  • You need to do a detailed research on the rankings, facilities, recognitions, etc. For example- You want to study finance, then you must understand, how good is the school in finance? What is the scope of the course? How is the faculty? etc.


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