W.P. Carey Essay Analysis

Full-time MBA applicants are required to submit answers to essay questions as part of the application process. Essays may be typed in the document below, saved, and uploaded in one document when requested during the online application.

W.P. Carey Essay 1

Up to this point, how has your career helped you create your brand? (250 words or less)

W.P. Carey Essay 1 Explanation

  • This is an indirect question asking you to state your career accomplishments in a way which has helped you “standout”, in the corporate crowd.
  • You can take this opportunity to briefly present your past professional experiences, to showcase your skillsets of leadership innovation etc.
  • The panel wants to know your unique characteristics in your professional background.
  • Brand X sells more than brands A, B, C and D, why ---presenting in the same way why the Admissions committee should choose YOU over OTHERS, your own compelling professional story.

W.P. Carey Essay 2

How do you plan to leverage your MBA to pursue your short- and long-term career goals? (250 words or less)

W.P. Carey Essay 2 Explanation

  • Explain how earning a MBA will fill gaps and help you in facilitating your short term & long term goals.
  • Be specific in detailing how the CAREY MBA will move you forward.
  • The plan can also incorporate ideas wherein you prove yourself a good fit to the school, the information which you got either by a visit or from an alumni.

W.P. Carey Essay 3

Should your career path need to shift from its intended course, how will you leverage the skills acquired during your degree program to ensure success on your new path? (250 words or less)

W.P. Carey Essay 3 Explanation

  • Alternative back plan if the career aspirations don’t meet.
  • The panel wants to see, your adaptability to change.
  • Envisaging new path and success thereof, is incidentally using those skills, knowledge & expertise learnt from the MBA course.
  • Your preparedness to new roles, how you take, are you resistant to change.
  • Explain on the whole idea. That the skills acquired can be used wherever & whenever required, with a positive outlook & attitude .

W.P. Carey Essay 4
If you had to create a short video/slideshow highlighting your most memorable moments to date, what 5 moments would you choose? What song would you use as your theme song and why? (250 words or less)

W.P. Carey Essay 4 Explanation

  • A video showing 5 most memorable moments, those 5 moments can be from either personal or professional life, these can be events from where you had significant learning, from where your perception about the world & people changed/a achievement/a failure.
  • The panel wants to see, what importance you give to what in your life. Your thought process, your attitude, whether it’s open or closed, your nature on the whole. As the selection of the moments will reveal a lot about the person you are.
  • Which song as background song & why ---