UT Austin Essay Analysis

UT Austin Essay 1

At The University of Texas at Austin, what starts here changes the world. You are at the Texas MBA Orientation for the Class of 2018, meeting your cohort for the first time. Please introduce yourself to your new classmates, including relevant information about your personal and professional life.

Select only one communication method that you would like to use for your response.

  • Write an essay (250 words)
  • Share a video introduction (one minute)
  • Share your about.me profile

UT Austin Essay 1 Explanation

In this prompt, use your imagination to create a virtual representation of you standing in front of your new classmates and introducing yourself. McCombs has an interest in the plans you have laid down to “change the world,” thereby go and outdo yourself. This should ring in your mind as you select this option to write on, as the little time available to share the content requires consistent and concise presentation. Before beginning the writing process, create an about.me profile that you would like to share. Do not drag along information that have gathered virtual dust, but consider brainstorming on your best personal and professional achievements.

To include in the essay is a greeting and conclusion, your profession, and future goals. You should be able to describe how the institution fits into the personal anecdotes. This requires you to give a full picture of yourselves in a few words. Brainstorm on your personal and professional interests and on how you would like to influence the community. Your experiences that have influenced the community and interests that have changed the life of other people are valuable here. Pick the format that works best for you to display your creativity and visionary attributes. This brings out a well-rounded mix that allows one to understand you wholly and not just a facet of your life.

It is your choice to write an essay, make a video, or an about.me page. All the platforms have been significantly successful, meaning you can bring all your strengths into play. If your writing skills are impeccable, put down an essay. If you enjoy working your way around creativity and flared-up designs, an about.me profile is your best pick. Opting for a video that relies on your editing skills is an excitement we would not want to miss. Think of what to say within the one minute, because first impressions count, just as your excellently written admissions application. In the process, have fun with the essay since it sets the stage as an introduction.

UT Austin Essay 2

The McCombs School of Business is where leadership is earned. We have an inclusive environment where our dynamic and driven students take an active role in the Texas MBA community. Please discuss why the Texas MBA is the ideal program for you, what you hope to achieve, and how you will contribute to your classmates' experience. (500 words)

UT Austin Essay 2 Explanation

Before going deep into this essay, it is imperative to note the similarity between this prompt and that of the previous year, but with a few changes in the wording. The admissions committee knows what it likes, they want to hear more, and are looking for an applicant with it. The worst scenario would be teeing up a response fitting another school, as the program at McCombs remains outstanding. Therefore, your response should rank near the top ten reputable responses, since the school does not consider itself a fall back option for students who fail to secure admissions in schools above their preferences. The admissions committee wants a student with a keen interest for the McCombs program.

If you want something badly, the desire counts in getting it, meaning you have to show McCombs institution that they are your preferred choice over others such as MIT or Cornell. Make the argument personal and based on logic. Try to answer, “What makes you choose a lower to a higher-ranked program? What trait utterly compels you to choose the McCombs program? Make your arguments specific by carrying out in-depth research that will bring out the “either a McCombs MBA or none” stance in your writing. Make the admissions committee believe that McCombs is the most effective path for connecting your present to your desired future.

Proceed to make an articulate description of McCombs detailing why the institution is a perfect fit. Include some emotional aspects into your write up such as the feelings you derive from research or addressing others. This stance is a bulletproof explanation, because no argument can fly against your love for a place or energy you derive from a particular school. Talk about the specifics making McCombs exciting than other schools. Remember that the argument will not hold if  one may apply it to other programs.