We require two short essays that can be completed on your online application, but feel free to answer these essays in a word processor and then copy and paste to your online application.

ILLINOIS Essay (Short) 1

Please explain two ways in which you are eager to contribute to the Illinois community, inside and/or outside of the classroom? You can discuss specific electives, programs, extracurricular activities, community service, etc. (1,000 character maximum, including spaces)

ILLINOIS Essay 1 Explanation

  • 1000 characters including spaces would be somewhere around 250-300 words, accordingly you can explain 2 areas where you have potential & make a difference by your presence /contribution in that field.
  • Suppose inside classroom, you have a critical evaluation expertise, or problem solving or decision making ,highlight on that OR on the Course knowledge regarding subjects /electives .your research work or professional background in dealing with it-----suppose you have worked in BIG DATA Hadoop ,the expertise in the electives of IT & MANAGEMENT.
  • Outside the classroom, towards the community what you can help, form your set of hobbies, interests, passions etc., for example in football/soccer.

ILLINOIS Essay (Short) 2

What differentiates you from others? You can discuss character traits, special talents, etc. Feel free to be creative and write about anything that you think the Admissions Committee will find interesting. (1,000 character maximum, including spaces)

ILLINOIS Essay 2 Explanation

  • Brainstorm here, & actually think –what makes you unique, consult relatives, friends etc. for the same.
  • Character traits like you are thoughtful, pragmatic, receptive to the world around at large etc. can be dwelled on.
  • Special Talents like Rafting, Mountaineering, and inventing new gadgets by your technical knack & engineering degree.
  • Reinforce the tone of the writing about the “strength “in all these attributes.


We require two full essays to be uploaded with your online application as individual documents.

ILLINOIS Essay 1 (Full) (Personal Statement)

Please upload your personal statement that answers the following questions, 1 through 4, in one essay. Take time to reflect and consider the direction you want to take your professional career. Remember to write a cohesive essay, complete with a thesis statement, supporting paragraphs, and a comprehensive conclusion. (Maximum of 750 words, double-spaced)

What are your short- and long-term goals?


  • Explain your short term & long term goals w.r.t to your job ,industry ,after the MBA,Short term usually refers to what you plan to do in the next 2-4years after MBA ,and Long term are the broader career goals ,a larger picture of your career aspirations ,down the line after may be 5-8 years or more .

Please briefly discuss your career history to date. What capabilities have you gained through your professional experience?


  • Past professional history with significant learnings or accomplishments ----capabilities here not only refers to positions held (the career graph)but also what exactly on the job techniques you have learned ,that extra “edge “what your career till date has given you.---can be abstract qualities like LEADERSHIP or technical substantial expertise.

What skills or knowledge will an MBA education give you that you currently lack, but that you need to realize your goals?


  • For the realization of your goals, what skills/gaps you lack, & how an MBA will be helpful in filling them, framing this answer as the skills which you lack are why you want to do an MBA .After an MBA what skills you will develop thereof.—the before & after MBA approach.

What specific electives, programs, extracurricular activities, etc. at the College of Business will prepare you to realize your goals?


  • The specific programs /takeaways you want from The ILLINOIS MBA, is the key to this answer.

POINT TO NOTE –Since it is asked that the essay has to be a cohesive one , with a thesis statement, supporting paragraphs, and a comprehensive conclusion---pls remember to answer the sub questions in a way that the whole essay is in one flow,& one can easily find answers to those sub questions(meaning written in such a way that it is an integral part of the essay)


ILLINOIS Essay (Full) 2

(Choose essay a, b, or c) Please upload an essay that addresses one of the following three prompts. (400-word maximum, double-spaced)

A. What is the greatest obstacle or setback that you have overcome, either personally or professionally? How did that experience help you grow as an individual and prepare you for future success?


  • A description of a setback or failure, the panel wants to judge how you deal with ADVERSITY. The key here is to turn whatever setback you experienced into something positive.
  • Do not dwell on the disappointment— although describe it vividly— but rather focus on how you solved the problem and what you learned.
  • The demonstrated initiative, adaptability, self-awareness, and strength of character in your reactions. Simply structured, it should step through the context, the setback, the consequences, the lessons, the solution, and the future application of your key learnings.

B. Tell us about your most significant leadership experience.

  • Leadership experience, the most significant one from yourlife,with the focus on the fact that ,
  • Leadership in relation to team, in relation to influencing others decision
  • This experience allowed you to practice different leadership styles and to understand the need to adapt your approach to suit the situation, the individual, and the team. You also learned about the role of confidence and credibility when leading a team, as well as the importance of training and mentoring for new starters.
  • You changed your leadership approach to focus on facilitating collaboration rather than dictating a course of action.

C.Tell us about a time when your efforts positively influenced someone else’s life.

  • This is an example of how your efforts has inspired someone, this answer will need the SHOW & TELL approach, where you need to give evidences of WHAT YOU DID, the results,& how it influenced someone else –may be your friend ,relative ,or some elder person too.
  • For Example, you saw there is chaos & confusion in the Junior Cricket Team, and thought of coaching them all by yourself, the impact on 1 of the members is to explained here.