Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL)


TOEFL is a recognized and standardized test that checks your English proficiency .If you are an international applicant, and your native language is not English, then it is mandatory for you to qualify TOEFL. The admission officers need to see your TOEFL score. TOEFL is also helpful during the Visa process.
TOEFL can be taken online-you can also take a paper based test.

 Format of TOEFL

TOEFL comprises of 4 sections- your performance on these sections will determine your selection.


This section tests your ability to understand spoken English. You will have to listen to the lectures, discussions and the questions based on these, will ask you to draw the meaning, implication and the conclusion.
Your GMAT preparation will not help you to crack this section. This section is entirely different; you have to be a good listener and take valuable notes during the conversation.


This section tests your ability to grasp written content. You will have to read three to four passages and answer the questions .It is pretty much similar to that of reading comprehension.


 It tests your ability to speak; you will be provided with a microphone, and the interviewer will ask you to speak spontaneously on various topics. This will check
your vocabulary, pronunciation and command over English.

Your written skills will be examined in this section.

You will be asked to write two essays.

  • The first essay will ask you about your current knowledge.
  • The second essay will present a situation and ask you to give your valuable opinion.

What should be my TOEFL score?

  • The TOEFL score varies from 0 to 120. Top business schools consider a TOEFL score of around 100 or above.
  • The preparation for the TOEFL should be done simultaneously with the GMAT; anadvance preparation will help you score well in the verbal section of the GMAT.

The time needed for the preparation, will depend on your proficiency in English.
Each and every component is very important for your application. Most business schools rely vastly on your essays. In the next chapter, we will do a brief research on how the essays make a difference to your candidacy.