How are the TOEFL Scores Decided?

  • TOEFL Scores for Internet-based Test:

 TOEFL Scores for Internet-based Test

All the four sections of the TOEFL (iBT) are scored in the range of 0 to 30, and finally, the sum of the scores of individual sections gives us the final TOEFL scores.  Initially, the writing section is scored in the range of 0 to 5, which is further converted into the range of 0 to 30. Similarly, the speaking section is first scored in the range of 0 to 4, and afterwards it is converted into the range of 0 to 30. The final score falls in the range of 0 to 120.

  • TOEFL Scores for Paper-based Test:The paper-based TOEFL are scored very differently than the TOEFL (iBT). Except the writing section, all the other sections are scored in the range of 31 to 68. The writing section is scored in the range of 0 to 6, and the score of the writing section is not included in the final score. Rather, the writing section score is reported separately. The final score of the paper-based TOEFL falls in the range of 310 to 677. It is believed that the scores of the paper-based TOEFL measure ability of the candidate in understanding and using English language equal to that of the iBT TOEFL.

Getting the iBT TOEFL Scores

Taking the online TOEFL exam provides an additional benefit of ability to view your TOEFL scores online. The ETS sends the candidates an email, mostly within 10 days of taking the TOEFL exam, to notify them about the date of availability of their TOEFL scores. The candidates can log into their TOEFL account on the official TOEFL website to view their scores. The option to print out a PDF copy of the TOEFL score report is also available.

The official printed score reports are mailed to the candidates within two weeks of taking the test, and the students can expect to receive their official score reports on the basis of the time taken by the mail delivery service to deliver them.

Sending the iBT TOEFL Scores

While the candidates apply for their TOEFL registration, they are asked to enlist four institutions, where they wish to send their official TOEFL scores. The fees for the first four destinations is included in the fees paid for the TOEFL registration. The candidates can log on to their TOEFL account, and go to the “Register for a Test/Order Score” section to send their scores to desired destinations.

If the candidates wish to add more recipients for their official report for the TOEFL scores, then they can add or remove the recipients before 10 pm on the day before the test. Any addition made to the recipient section after 10 pm will be charged at US $19 for each score report requested.

TOEFL REGISTRATION: Registering Online


A large number of students take the TOEFL test every year. So, it is advisable for the candidates to register themselves with a certified test centre at least 2-3 month (recommended) prior to the test date.

  • Firstly, you must find out a TOEFL iBT test centre in your area.
  • The online iBT TOEFL registration is always open. The registration gets closed 7 days prior to the test date, and the late registration gets closed 4 days prior to the test date.
  • The TOEFL registration fee depends on the location, where the candidate wishes to take the test. You can check the TOEFL registration fee in your country in the official website of the TOEFL exam.
  • If you wish to reschedule your TOEFL exam to some other date, you will be charged an extra sum of $60.
  • In order to report your TOEFL score to more than one institution, you will be charged $19 per institution.
  • The iBT TOEFL registration can be done online click here

TOEFL Registration: What are the Identification Requirements?

The candidates are asked to produce proper identification proofs at the time of registering for the TOEFL exam. The test takers are also held responsible for carrying their proper ID to the testing centre. Failing to produce a proper ID proof at the testing centre may deem the candidate to be restricted from taking the test.

The general ID document requirements for the TOEFL exam are:

  • Original Identity Proof.
  • The ID proof must be valid and not expired.
  • Full name, which exactly matches with the name on the ID document.
  • Recent and clear photograph.
  • The name and signature must match.

If, for any reason, the candidate is unable to meet the Identification requirements, then he/she should contact the ETS Office of Testing Integrity (OTI). The contact detail for the ETS OTI are as follows:

Phone: 1-609-406-5430 (Opened from Monday to Friday, in between 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time. Except U.S. holidays)

Fax:  1-609-406-9709


All the above listed contact details belong to the TOEFL exam owning company.