Tippie IOWA ESSAY Analysis


Professional experience aside, tell us about the person behind the paper.

  • Creativity is encouraged! You can respond to this question in any form including: Video, social media, PowerPoint, blog post, etc. — all options are on the table!
  • Size limit: none
  • 'Professional experience aside' is your cue to tell us more about you as a person. You can safely assume we're well-versed in your professional experience, based on the resume and career goals you shared. Applicants are welcome to approach the question in any manner, from basic to elaborate.

Tippie IOWA ESSAY 1 Explanations:

  • Since any form one can use of either Video, social media, PowerPoint, blog post, etc.---one must brainstorm well, which one to use, which will maximize his chances of making the admissions panel of knowing him well.
  • Use the option which you are comfortable with & express well.
  • As they have stated they already know your professional backgrounds well from resume & app form, then here one must focus on the personal & community profile, with your own unique stories & accomplishments which present your inherent nature.
  • The Diverse qualities, Hobbies, Interests & Passions, For ex ---your passion for deep sea diving, here you can show some videos on that ,more than writing show evidences here.
  • Your part-time work in a Tutorial/cooking/sports coach all these multi-dimensional profiles can be capture here.
  • The applicants love /weird attributes of taking risks etc.
  • Since there is no limit & creativity is suggested ----just ponder on yourself & splash the thoughts in a video etc.....