Time Management Tips for US MBA candidates – The new brainstorming ideas

Time management MBA program
Time management tips for students– Plan your priorities systematically
The Concept of Brainstormimng Ideas for Students
What is the process that an MBA candidate should follow?

The application process of best business schools is complex and lengthy. So, MBA candidates need to manage the time carefully and learn new time management tips for professionals.

Here are the various ways through which, you can make best use of the time and develop your time management tips.

Assuming that you spend, around 15 to 20 hours per week on the applications. We recommend you to target, around 3 to 5 best business schools.

Time Management Tips for each task.

Time Management Tips

Gathering Information

MBA candidates need to spend around 1 to 2 weeks for doing your research, and gathering information, on your target schools.

Deciding your career goals- write MBA essays

As discussed before, your MBA essays form the framework of your application. You will be asked to write MBA essays on various topics, like your career goals, professional experience, personal statements, etc. So, you need to spend around 1 to 2 weeks for defining your career goals, and writing MBA essays.

Crafting a resume

You need to submit your resume, along with your application. Your resume has to be crafted as per the requirements of the admission officers. Writing your resume can be tricky and it should not exceed beyond one page. We recommend you to spend at least 1 week, for preparing your resume.

Preparing for GMAT

Your GMAT score will play a big role in determining your selection. MBA candidates never take your GMAT lightly. We recommend you to spend at least 6 to 12 weeks, for preparing GMAT.

You should also know that-

There is a 30-day waiting period, after which you can re-take the GMAT, and MBA candidates can re- appear the GMAT up to 5 times a year. It is crucial that you follow the prescribed time management tips properly.

Selecting a Recommender

You must select a recommender, who has ample experience in writing the letter of recommendation. So, you need to spend around 6 weeks to coach your recommender, and follow up, to get the work done in time. At COLLMISION we are experts in this so it is worth giving it a try and bringing your case to us.

Completing Admission Forms

Filling up the admission forms will take time, you need to spend around 2 to 3 weeks, and thoroughly fill your application. You should never take a risk by delaying the process.

Official Transcripts

You need to keep 2 to 3 weeks of time in your hand, for collecting your transcripts. A transcript will be issued by your previous institution, and the process generally takes time.


Your MBA essays, your transcripts, GPA, GMAT, all fail, if you don’t perform during the interview. The questions asked during the interview, can be tricky. Hence, you need to spend around 2 to 3 weeks for the interview process.

Time management tips for students– Plan your priorities systematically

MBA time management

Take a look at the time management tips, for Round – 1.

  • In the spring, you should start gathering the information and start analyzing the time management tips of successful MBA candidates for your betterment.
  • You can study during March, April and May.
  • During June, you can start taking the standardized tests.
  • During July, August and September- you can work on writing MBA essays.
  • During August, September- the application forms will be out. You should fill them carefully.
  • In October November- you can submit the application form and start preparing for the interviews.
  • In December- If you have followed every step, and done reasonably well, then you can sit back and relax, with an acceptance letter in hand.

For your better understanding of time management tips please refer to the below calendar.

Round1 MBA Admission

What if I am an MBA candidate , applying in Round – 2 ?

If you are applying in round 2, then as per expert’s time management tips for professionals, you need to start collecting the information from the month of June.

  • You should prepare for the GMAT, during July, August and September.
  • During October, November you can start taking the standardized tests.
  • During October, November, you can coach your recommender on how to write and what to write, in your letter of recommendation.
  • You can start writing your MBA essays, during October, November and December.
  • In January, February, you can fill up and submit your application.
  • In the month of April, the decision for round 2 will be out.

For your better understanding please refer to the below calendar.

round2 MBA admission

So, if you have done a good job, then that is what makes a good MBA candidate. You should be getting ready to get into the business school of your choice.

The Concept of Brainstormimng Ideas for students

Brainstorming ideas

How to stand out in the crowd?

How do I make sure that my application gets selected?

How to ensure that the admission officers read my application?

This webpage is dedicated to all those MBA candidates who would not settle for the second best choices with respect to the best business schools and colleges. It is meant for the MBA candidates, who are willing to apply to the top business schools, and are willing to learn the effective ways to present their application.

You must be aware, getting into a top business school can be tricky.  So, you need to be sincere, right through the admission process. Also you should be aware of time management tips and techniques to optimally use your time during this process. That is what makes a good MBA candidate

Now, we will discuss the various challenges you will face, during the MBA admission process.

What do we mean by Brainstorming Ideas?

Brainstorming ideas is a process that helps you to generate creative ideas, that form a solution to a specific problem.

Now, you need to think of certain aspects, like- how to convey your past responsibilities. This is a crucial part of brainstorming ideas for students.

You can convey the responsibilities taken in your past, with the help of suitable examples.

However, by just writing – I have helped my company to flourish, by skillfully managing my team, which lead to an increase in productivity, is not the way to answer, as it will lead to an outright rejection.

The answer is irrelevant, and there is no synchronization, because there are no real life examples, that support the statement.

Here the writer has to start, by stating, how he or she managed the team,

  • What were the challenges?
  • How did he or she manage to overcome the challenges?
  • What was the outcome of the efforts?

To make an impact, your justification should be complete, and must sound authentic.

Now let us discuss about, the nature of work.

Here, you have to clearly describe your work profile such as-

What did your work involve?

It should involve both your volunteer efforts, and personal accomplishments.

These aspects are very important, as the admission officers want to know you, through your volunteer efforts and your personal accomplishments. You need to do a lot of thinking, on various aspects of your life. You need to understand the ways through which you can present your ideas.

Suppose, you have made certain accomplishments, then you need to relate them, with the requirements of your target business schools. It is a case of Demand –  Supply match.

Similarly, if you have volunteered and helped the society. You need to re-think, and describe the circumstances in detail. An in detail brainstorming of ideas will help your cause.

For example, you had taken an initiative, and organized a blood donation camp. Then, you need to present the facts with details, like-

  • How you managed to organize the camp?
  • What were the resistances?
  • What motivated you? And, what was the outcome?
  • What were the challenges?
  • How did your work help you?
  • What are the skills that you learnt, etc.?

In short, you need to present the key points, and back your points with relevant examples, that will help the reader to draw a valid conclusion.

So, you need to brainstorm, and note down the key points.

The majority of the applicants have work experience, and They all, write MBA essays, based on their experiences. Now, the question comes,

How can I stand out of the crowd of MBA candidates applying for the Best Business Schools?

brainstorming to stand out

How can one, differentiate, your MBA essays from a pool of thousand MBA candidates?

Here, the challenge lies in skillfully presenting your experiences, in a way, that your profile stands out, and creates an impression on the reader.

Almost all MBA candidates, write about their professional experiences, their roles and responsibilities, promotions, etc.

So what are the best brainstorming ideas to draw the attention of the best business schools?

You can add value, by focusing on your soft achievements, which are more human, and less quantifiable.

Let us consider an example,

A candidate, while demonstrating his soft skills, explained a situation, where he helped a struggling colleague, that shaped the potential of the employee.

According to him, it gave him immense joy to transform, a struggling colleague into a highly productive employee of the company.

These achievements, can make you different from others, as they demonstrate your strong personal qualities, along with your professional achievements.

Hence, in order to make an impact, you need to brainstorm ideas effectively, and highlight your special traits, that will help you win over the admission authorities.

Now, we are sure that you understand, brainstorming ideas can help you to dig deep, and write effective MBA essays.for best business schools

What is the process that an MBA candidate should follow for  brainstorming ideas  for the best business schools?

gre preparation

The Process of Brainstorming

Brainstorming ideas rely on in- depth thinking. It needs lot of time so follow time management tips for students given by top educators in the field. Your creativity will help you to conceive better ideas, and allow you to think from every perspective in order to go and join the best business schools.

Let us consider an example,

A manager who was instrumental in introducing a product to the market, might think of his accomplishment as an example of leadership. However, if the manager brainstorms, and does an in- depth analysis, he will discover some more traits, that are suitable for his candidacy for the best business schools.

For example, for introducing a product, he may have conceived an idea or a business plan, this idea signifies his creativity.

For implementing the idea, he might have pushed the employees, or his subordinates, which demonstrates yet another key trait, called as entrepreneurship.

For getting the work done, he might have come across disputes or conflicts, and solving these disputes is a clear example of his team work skills.

While working on the project, he might have come across various problems, like product attributes, sourcing issues, and he might have been in an ethical dilemma. So, dealing with such issues and succeeding, demonstrates the ethics of a manager.


So, we can conclude by saying that- brainstorming ideas are very much essential for writing an MBA essay, as it helps you to identify hidden traits of your personal and professional aspects, which will vastly help in differentiating your application, from the rest of the applicants. Also MBA candidates should not forget to be aware of the time management tips available through various sources. Remember- in this field – if time is lost everything is lost.