A good school, great infrastructure and everything else that sounds good is irrelevant if you are not guided by a capable professor who taps into your potential and allows you to grow to the best of your ability.

Why we believe a competent person is very important is because the professor you are placed under will directly impact your performance and your productivity. Apart from everything else it will help you derive optimum satisfaction about your work.

Since, the role of professors is so critical it is always advisable not getting enrolled into a particular program only because of one professor. Keep a contingency plan ready – a handful of other options in the form of different other professors, because if it so happens that the chosen professor meets with any unforeseen happenings your plans should not be jeopardized. Be familiar with Google Scholar, as reputed professors put up their research articles there. Look for citations; the more the citation the better and stronger is the research; hence now you are in a position to decide the quality of the professor.