We understand that applying to the graduate school is a long drawn out process, and in spite of the best intentions, few important points might be skipped, which may cost you your seat. Since the competition is intense, even a miniscule mistake might sabotage all your best interests.

For instance, never skip any question asked, because the review committee might draw a conclusion that you have either carelessly missed the question or you are trying to avoid the same. Do not hesitate to seek for advice for questions which are not clear, however, never guess and then hope for the best. 

After all the documents have been duly filled with precision make sure that they are arranged in an orderly manner. When the application is reviewed, if everything is arranged properly, there is a great chance that your application will be impressive because of the orderly manner in which it is arranged. The first impression may prove to be a lasting one and one that tilts the scale in your favor. Checking the entire form once again is very important because every attempt should be made to make the application error-free.

We list few points that we consider to be very important, and yet are prone to omissions:

The Resume: The importance of a powerful one

We have discussed earlier that good grades, (GPA or an impressive GRE score), is not enough to book a seat in the top league schools. The importance of a powerful resume will help you either compliment your grades or redeem the lost ground if the grades are not quite good enough. There has to be enough mention on your CV about the aptitude to do research, and it may win you the day if you already have done research of any scale at the initial levels (e.g. under-graduate levels).