The applicants who are planning to apply to the US universities, have to write a set of Letters of recommendation, sometimes two for some schools and never more than five, for any of the programs or schools. Schools vary in the approaches towards the LORs, mostly with the writing style of the letters. Some schools have their own standard form wherein they ask the recommenders to rate the specific attributes of the candidates, others accept free style. Some schools limit the choice of recommenders whereas in others, there is no restriction and left to the applicant’s choice, of whom he chooses to ask to write. Whomever the applicant chooses to write the LOR, he/she should himself be well conversant with the school’s requirements of it. It is always wise to follow the instructions laid by the school, however cumbersome it may seem to be. He/she can then educate the potential recommenders about the areas where they should take care. This can be in the form a face to face discussion or a frank talk, highlighting to the author what the schools have asked and what he/she wants exactly to be covered about his/her profile.