The Recommendation Letter


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letter of recommendation

Recommendation letter is the most important component of your application, and plays a decisive role in evaluating your candidacy.

Importance of a Recommendation letter

Why is the recommendation letter needed?

Your recommendation letters, are the only external source of information, that the admission committee receives. They can greatly influence, the impression of a candidate. So, you must present the recommendation letter, by carefully choosing what to share, and what not.

The recommendation plays a significant role in your application. It helps the admission authorities, draw an impression. The letter of recommendation provides the 3rd party perspective, where a candidate's experience, and leadership skills are evaluated. Therefore, the recommendation letter helps the admission authorities, draw a better picture of the candidate.

Writing a letter of recommendation – Common Questions that come across


Most applicants ask- ‘Can I write my own recommendation letter’?

The answer is No, because it is not only ethically wrong, but also strategically negative. Your recommender, might ask you to write the letter yourself, and will agree, to gladly sign it.

You should never make the mistake, of writing your own recommendation letter, because you might miss out on your strong points, as self-analysis is always difficult.

Another question which may strike your mind, is

Who should write my letters?


You can ask a person, who knows you well, and can write a personal and knowledgeable letter, that discusses your Talents, accomplishments, personality, and potential.

If you have held more than one job. You can consider asking your supervisor, from multiple organizations, to write a recommendation letter.

Educating your recommender, is quite challenging, but most important.

You need to spend time with your recommender, and let him know about the various rules and regulations, the word limits, etc.

You should let the recommender know, about the requirements of your target business schools.

Most schools require, 2-3 letters of recommendation. The schools, generally ask questions, which your recommender will have to answer. He or she, will come across series of questions. On the basis of the answers provided by the recommender, your qualities, and behavior will be ranked.

However, your recommender must know what to write. So, you need to educate him or her, about your interests, hobbies, extracurricular, etc.

You can give the recommender an overview of your accomplishments, achievements, etc.

For example, if you have gained recognition in the field of sports, you can let the recommender know about it, in detail. You need to shed some light on your career goals, and your goals must relate, to the requirements of the schools.

You need to provide the recommender with the details, like-

  • Your target schools, the deadlines etc.
  • You must submit a copy of your resume, so that the recommender gets a brief summary of your profile.
  • You should present the list of questions, that the recommender has to answer.

The recommender needs to write a strong recommendation letter, that will compel the admission authorities, to consider your application. So, you must educate your recommender, regarding the various circumstances under which you have flourished, can truly differentiate you from other candidates.

Now coming to the most important part -  

You must sit down with the recommender, and explain about the importance of the letter.

You want your recommender, to write an impactful letter, so you need to convince the recommender, and ensure that, he or she takes the writing seriously, and crafts an impactful letter of recommendation.

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