The Importance of an important and compelling essay

Since the personal statement is such an important aspect it requires extensive soul-searching. Also, we understand it is not very easy to sit and decipher things about yourself that are entirely honest and worth penning down. Hence, we suggest ways and means by which you will as close to personal and particular as possible:

  • You can take suggestions from your friends, relatives etc., Who knows you closely. Since others view you differently, it will only help you include those points which you might be overlooking. For instance, any particular facet of your personality which you are oblivious of.
  • You can also make yourself the central character and then view the situations accordingly. It might give you an altogether different insight of different events than what you had warranted for.
  • After you have roughly jotted down all the points try reading them aloud. If you are impressed by your work, chances are other might also be. Hence, do take an opinion of others when you have prepared an initial draft and incorporate their reviews as well.
  • When working on the final version, be extra-careful about any typing-errors or grammatical goof-ups, because these mistakes are just not accepted by the applications committee.

As we have already mentioned, the essential purpose of a statement or purpose is to sell yourself, to make yourself an attractive proposal and make the applications committee believe that you are an investment worth investing in.

Be inhibited and unabashed in showing-off the best samples of work done, and what will compliment everything will be a strong persuasive statement of purpose. Do not boast or be arrogant. There is a fine balance between being confident and arrogant and carefully manage this line. For instance, after all the research work that you have done, you are bound to find a professor who you believe fits the bill completely and is best suited for you. Mention it without even a trifle of doubt, but then be careful not to degrade other professors by comparing their works. Indeed show-case your problem solving aptitude, but be careful not to over-dramatize yourself. Of course, then, the more recent the sample of work, the better it is. And do not be afraid of citing fail

All the activities are aimed at building and gauging your confidence and abilities. Get out of your comfort zone, and explore!!!