An application committee is in-charge of reviewing and scrutinizing the filled-in application form. Both the specific departments and the graduate school evaluate the application. However, if the department of any school is very influential and in demand their word is final on all aspects, and the graduate office performs only the administrative function. The specifics differ department wise as well as according to the different schools. The admission committee formulates roughly three lists after circulating the application between different departments: Accepted Applicants, Alternate Applicants. Often, in many cases the admission committee proposes few recommendations, and the aspirants are notified if there are any developments. Any information about notifying the aspirants about admission schedules is put up on the website or on the notice-boards of the respective schools. Hence, it is advisable that you be in contact with the recruiter during such times.

One important piece of advice for everyone out there: you are investing so much time reading this, it means that clearly you have made up your mind to go to these schools. So it is imperative on our part to inform you that the applications committee is always on the lookout for those students who have a penchant for research.