FOX Essay Question 1

Please describe an incident from your personal experiences that typifies your definition of leadership. Specifically address ethics, diversity, collaboration and motivation. (500 word max suggested)

FOX Essay 1 Explanation

Narrate a story that talks about how you developed into who you are now. Just dig deep. Be introspective. An anecdote that describes what makes you unique as a person and a leader.Decsribe on the background of Leadership Story with actions, thoughts, feelings & behavior. Begin with Problem/Situation description involving you, then relate to group & responsibilities. SKILLs applied in motivating others towards a Single Direction, Influencing & persuasion tools /methods used, Results thereof, Evidence of lessons on Leadership, Collaboration & Influencing capabilities. Not Necessary to include achievements or SUCCESS, can also focus on failure & the results then. Sometimes focusing on a failure actually allows you to answer the question more easily & then growing from the MONUMENTAL FAILURE. How well you extracted the most from your team & how it helped you hone ur skills along with developing others wholly …regardless of outcomes. Here, focus on the diversified team, the ethical issues faced, the moral decisions taken, Sense of conflict present to make the essay captivating…How you mastered over them. Each experience here should be well knitted to make a coherent exhibition. When competing with thousands of essays on the same topic, grabbing the reader’s attention with a compelling opening paragraph can be a key differentiator./ incredibly thoughtful and well-organized with enough originality to make the applicant memorable. The Narrative should stimulate the reader’s curiosity on context & resolution.

FOX Essay Question 2

What past experience prepared or motivated you to pursue this degree? Describe how you would expect to change over the course of the program. What personal and professional values and skills do you hope to acquire beyond the academic content? How will obtaining the degree help you achieve your career goals? (500 word max suggested).

FOX Essay 2 Explanation

Briefly describe past work Experience (insights from the role/learnings/accomplishments/how it has shaped you) & current role, Impact of learnings on Current Role & how it has affected the Decision making ability of going ahead to pursue this MBA. Suppose you found that you lack people management, the knowledge of marketing & supply chain, so this is a GAP you found, which will be fulfilled by the MBA degree. The second part of the question asks to tell the Post MBA goals –roles which he would like to take up & exposure it will give, the knowledge from MBA how it will help in short run & how he will add value to the organization. The Personal & Professional values which you think you will acquire, are the specific takeaways from the Temple Fox MBA Course. On the personal level, the alumni, the community & the Lifetime network he would have created, can do wonders for him. Professionally the technical & analytical skills learnt, the hands on experience, action based learning would have gone a long way to make him a Global Business Leader. After attaining these, naturally what follows is easy realization of his career goals