Why didn't You Study in Your Own Country?


This is one question which can test both your temperament as well your communication skills.

You should be polite and open minded while answering it.

This question is knowingly asked by the interviewer to look into your ambition towards your career.
You should answer it intelligently by stating the benefits you will get after completing the course in the US, and the ways in which you can utilize it to grow in your coming future. You can also say that the vast field of research in the US is more than in your country. So you have decided to go for the course in the united states.

While answering this question you should mention about the quality of education in the US. If the course is not available in India, you can tell the consular officer that it is not offered in India, but If the same course is available in India then you can back your point by highlighting the differences in the quality of education and the course structure in India and US. You should convince the officer that doing this course from US will add value to your profile. You can also Talk about a few researches being conducted in that field. Technical words work out when other things don't.

You can say,” US has always been the center of excellence, especially in research and provides quality education by making students gain knowledge in a practical way as much as possible, so it is quite an obvious choice for me.


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