Student Aid for a PhD candidate- Financial Aid Resources

Student Aid for a PhD candidate
Financial Help for PhD Candidates
What about the yearly stipend for PhD? How much can I get?
Fully Funded Programs for PhD Students
Student Aid for International Students

Financial Help for PhD Candidates

Before applying for a PhD program in U.S, aspiring PhD candidates are willing to know-

How much student aid can they get? Or What are the financial aid resources available for a PhD student?

Aspiring PhD candidates, with excellent academic credentials and a strong drive for research have a strong chance to make a name for themselves. A PhD student who manages to get into the top universities, will get the much needed financial support through various resources, like- assistantship and fellowship programs.
If you compare the three programs, i.e. undergrads, the masters, and the Doctoral Programs, the PhD students get maximum financial support for their education.
Don’t be surprised, some students even get a full funding for their entire PhD Program.
That is really interesting – Isn’t it ?

If you are a PhD candidate, who seeks for a fully funded PhD Program, then you need to do sufficient research on various universities. Discovering the various financial aid resources can take time. The admission officers of the concerned universities are the best person to find an answer to your question.

The following will give you an idea about the different types of student aid and financial benefits, a PhD candidate receives from various universities-

  • Students interested to pursue PhD in psychology at the Boston’s college are provided with a fully funded PhD program. The program generally takes 4-5 years to complete.
  • Students who opt for the Columbia University and seek for career building opportunities in the field of medicines and sciences, public administration, etc.- Can avail the benefits of free education. Interestingly, almost, all PhD students at the Columbia University are eligible for a fully funded program.
  • Another top ranked university of the world also presents you with an opportunity to get benefited from the fully funded PhD program. Students who get admitted into the College of Engineering Doctoral Program of the Michigan University, have access to quality education, without having to worry about the cost.Students who have completed their masters degree, receive guaranteed funding for four years.
  • If you take an interest in the military history, then Duke University is tailor made for you. Students interested in intensive research, receive multiyear financial support along with other benefits like stipend, tuition waivers, teaching assistantships etc.

What about the yearly stipend for PhD? How much can I get?

student aid for phd

If one inquires about the stipend for PhD, he/she will be amazed to know that, PhD students get one of the highest stipend. A PhD student can use the stipend money to support his/her education and the daily living expenses.
However, a major question springs into the minds of most students
How much stipend can I get annually?
Well, the stipend for PhD will vary in the range from $18,000 to $ $30,000.
Now you might ask – what is the reason for this variation?
The amount of stipend a student will get, depends on the cost of living of a particular location. Students who pursue their PhD from smaller cities might get a comparatively lesser stipend, whereas students from more expensive cities get a higher stipend.

Fully Funded Programs for PhD Students

funded phd programs

Computer Science – Fully Funded Programs for PhD Students

A PhD candidate looking for a student aid in order to pursue a PhD in the United States, won’t get a better offer than a fully funded PhD program. In the ever changing modern world, that is driven by technology and computers, computer science is gaining popularity.
Scholars with rich academic background seek for the best universities for PhD. However, the high tuition fee can dent their hopes of having a successful career in the field of research.
The high cost of education in the United States, has made scholars seek for the fully funded programs. The programs can really reduce the financial burden, and help students to carry out flawless research.

Let us have a look at the universities that provide fully funded programs for students interested in doctoral studies-

Columbia University, Department of Computer Science

The university offers the best form of student aid to its PhD students. Students pursuing a PhD in Computer Science receive full support with tuition fee exemption, assistantships and stipend. The financial aid resources go a long way in reducing the burden of the cost of education, and help students carry out research in a stress free environment.

Cornell University Program of Computer Graphics

Students with brilliant academic record enroll into this program. May it be masters or PhD; the students enjoy a fully funded education.

Duke University’s Department of Computer Science

The students enrolled in this program are rewarded with a fully funded student aid, that includes other benefits like stipend, insurance, fellowship, teaching assistantships etc.

Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Science

The Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Science helps every student. The students get benefited from the fully funded program, including the stipend for PhD and other added benefits.

Student Aid for International Students

student aid for international studentIt is understandable that getting a PhD from elite institutions is quite expensive, especially for international students, who are in continuous search for the student aid.
However, the intellect of these scholars, who come from all around the world, is appreciated by the United States of America. The facilities for research along with the presence of world class faculty, make the United States a prime destination for PhD candidates.

There are various financial aid resources available to a PhD candidate, like scholarship, grants etc.

Let us look into the following programs that financially assist the emerging talents-

Fulbright Foreign Student Program (USA)

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program offers prestigious scholarships to the international students who are eligible to pursue a Master’s or PhD degree in the United States.
The program grants funds for the tuition fee, a stipend to take care of the living expenses. Added benefits are also provided like, the health insurance, assistantships etc. The funding is provided during the study itself.

It is a fully funded government scholarship

New York University- Falak Sufi Scholarship 2017

  • The scholarship is awarded to students, who are willing to pursue the master level programs
  • All international students are eligible to apply for this program.
  • The initiative is taken care by the Graduate School of Arts and Science, with an objective to encourage the brightest students to excel in the field of research.
  • The financial benefit is awarded in Near Eastern Studies at the Kevorkian Center.

What does the scholarship include?

Scholarships are the most commonly adopted student aid worldwide.
The scholarship award for the year 2017-18 will include a stipend of $26,000, health insurance. It also Covers the registration fees up to 2 years, and takes care of the tuition fee as well.

However, students need to meet the following criteria-

  • Prospects for the master’s program in Near Eastern Studies are eligible to apply.
  • The Falak Sufi Scholarship is meant to support students who decide to get an education from the states. The program helps the majority of the Islamic population located in South Asia, who might not otherwise be able to receive a graduate education.

Other Requirements:

  • The applicants must take the GRE in order to qualify for this scholarship.
  • Students whose 1st language is not English are required to take the TOEFL.

Students looking for this scholarship must apply before January 4, 2017

Rosztoczy Foundation Scholarship Program (United States)

Rosztoczy Foundation scholarship helps scholars by covering their tuition fee. Masters or PhD candidates who are interested to study in the United States can apply for this program. However, it is meant specifically for young and bright students and scientists from Hungary.

Note –The duration of this scholarship is for 1 year.

It can be taken for any university in the United States, and is accessible, to Master, PhD, and post-doctoral students.

Horowitz Foundation Grants – United States

International students can take the help of the Horowitz Foundation Grants. These grants aim at promoting scholarships for deserving scholars. The grants given to a student, varies from $5,000-$7,500, and after they complete their project they are awarded with an additional sum of $2,500.

Note- The additional $2,500 is awarded only after the project is completed

Who are eligible for this grant?

  • Students who are pursuing a PhD and are working on the dissertation.
  • It is meant for international students and U.S citizenship is not needed
  • The foundation targets projects with a social policy application on either a global or local level.

Note- Only current PhD students who are already doing a PhD are eligible for this grant.

The Dalai Lama Trust Graduate Scholarship

Headquartered in Washington, DC, the trust provides scholarships to students that are eligible to pursue graduate studies, including the PhD. The student aid is provided in countries like the United States, Europe and Australia, and aimed at encouraging Tibetan students.
The facility is offered to students with Tibetan descent residing in India and Nepal.
From the above discussed financial aid resources, it is evident that, getting the student aid, scholarships or grants is not that tough for an international student. These students also get a lot of support from the United States, and go on to complete their degree with flying colors.