Stanford School Engineering


Location- Huang Engineering Center, Suite 226 Stanford, CA 94305-412Stanford School Engineering

Located in the heart of California,Stanford School Engineering is one of the leading universities of the world.Since 1891 Stanford has played a pivotal role in raising the bar of education.

The Application Fee of Stanford School Engineering is $125 for  International students and the Application Fee for US residents is $125. The average GRE OLD (VERBAL) and the average GRE NEW (VERBAL) are 598 and 159 respectively. The average GRE OLD (QUANTITATIVE) is 784 and the average GRE NEW (QUANTITATIVE) is 167.The average GRE Analytical Writing score is around 4.17.There is a fairly food chance for  acceptance with an Acceptance Rate of around 15.40%. The Tuition Fee is $48,720 for both IN-STATE and OUT-OFSTATE .The graduate studies are offered in 10 different areas.

Each year about 3,300 students join the Stanford School Engineering. It is ranked second in the list of top schools for engineering in the United States by U.S News.

School: Stanford University Stanford, CA

School URL:

Acceptance Rate: 15.40%

Average GPA: NA

Average GRE (Old):

Verbal– 598

Quantitative– 784

Average GRE (New):

Verbal– 159

Quantitative– 167

Analytical Writing- 4.17

Application Fee:

US Resident– $125

International– $125

Tution Fee:

In-State– $48,720

Out Of State- $48,720


SCHOOL        BRANCH                         DEADLINE
 Stanford University Stanford, CA     PHD   MS
  Bioengineering 06-Dec-16 06-Dec-16
  Chemical Engineering 15-Dec-16 15-Mar-16
  Aeronautics and Astronautics 06-Dec-16 06-Dec-16
  Civil and Environmental Engineering 10-Jan-17 10-Jan-17
  Computer Science 06-Dec-16 06-Dec-16
  Electrical Engineering 06-Dec-16 06-Dec-16
  Management Science and Engineering 06-Dec-16 17-Jan-17
  Materials Science and Engineering 06-Dec-16 03-Jan-17
  Mechanical Engineering 01-Dec-16 01-Dec-16