Stanford Essay Analysis

Stanford Essay 1:

What matters most to you, and why?

Stanford Essay 1 Explanation

For this essay, you may opt to tell a descriptive story in a straightforward manner with the freedom at hand to write anything that interests you. Try to go through your closet of experiences to learn your accomplishments and to find out the impact you have made. Given that this response requires you to connect people, situation, and events, adding in a touch of your background and career goals will give the reader an opportunity to learn about you. Reflect on your values and personality and dwell on a strategic feature that is unique to your own self. Communicate your enthusiasm in working as a team and comment on how you will engage them. For example, writing a description of the how and why you are excited about the prospect of joining the institution could be a good idea if glossed over, but not if you fail to state how the force is shaping your behavior, attitudes and objectives. 

Whereas you need to consider the leadership implications mattering most to you, do not begin with a fixed assumption of what you want at this point. An easier way of writing a poor essay is a theme that fails to relate to your actual experiences. Use your heart to tell you what matters and your head to explain it. A great answer is one with a strong analytical foundation and a mandatory base of the why and how. Do not strive to look for the right answer to this question, so try to keep off overselling yourself. Thinking about what your life is all about from an extreme perspective such as a concentration camp will help the committee tie your values to the survival. If in need of a moment to self-reflect, I suggest you mediate on your potential energy because it may get you accepted as someone with the next innovative decisions such as Google.

Stanford Essay 2:

Enlighten us on how earning your MBA at Stanford will enable you to realize your ambitions. A strong response to this essay question will

Stanford Essay 2 Expanation

Responding to this question requires an explanation of your decision to pursue managerial ambitions and the distinct opportunities that Stanford offers. A good way to achieve this is to explain your desired professional path post MBA and how these opportunities will help in travelling down this point. Understand that the integrated management program at Stanford is flexible and indicate how that will help you in achieving your goals. Another aspect you may opt to discuss is the entrepreneurial culture of the institution and their impact in helping you achieve your career goals. Realize that Stanford’s curriculum allows you to personalize your goals and experiences, particularly business-related education. At this point, the committee seeks knowledge of your career goals and the Stanford curriculum.

Remember that Stanford is not interested in having a self-package that leaves you with the idea that you are what Stanford wants. The admissions committee only requires knowledge of what or who you desire to be. Do not think that the school has a preferred job or industry in mind or a space they require you to fill. No, the committee is keen on understanding whether Stanford is the missing ingredient in bringing your true vision to life. Therefore, presenting something you are not will undermine your candidacy as it fails to give insight into your career goals and the path that has led you to where you are. Do not set out sounding nice, but truly enlighten the committee with a genuine insight into your personality and path. The “Why Stanford?” component is important, meaning you have to research on the qualities as well as advantages of the Stanford program to explain why the aspect will set the difference in your education. Use your intellectual component to engage your thought processes to give the committee a sense and purpose of why you are writing the essay.