Signing FAFSA

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Signing FAFSA is equally important, and when you are filing a FAFSA online, you are required to sign it electronically with the help of the FSA ID.

Note- the students and the parents both are required to sign the FAFSA. So, they must use their respective FSA IDs for Signing FAFSA

The following points one must consider, before signing FAFSA-

  • Visit to learn more about FSA ID
  • The FSA ID should be confidential and one should not share it with anyone.
  • If a student is dependent, then his/her parents should never obtain the FSA id on behalf of the student
  • Either students or parents who do not intend to take the help of FSA ID to sign the form electronically. They can do it manually by taking a print out of the page.
  • The signature page has a number called as the identification number, the number can be used match the signature page with the FAFSA.
  • The signature page can be signed, and mailed to the address mentioned on the page.

What are the advantages of electronic signature over the manual?

You are always advised to use an electronic signature, as the manual signature can be time consuming and delay the process. Applicants must note that, if the signature is not received by the federal processor within 2 weeks, then the FAFSA will be rejected. Similarly, if a student takes the printout and mails the signature page, without signing it., then it will lead to a rejection of the FAFSA.

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What happens when the FAFSA is rejected due to a missing signature?

On rejection of the FAFSA, the student will be notified about the missing signature, through the Student Aid Report (SAR).

The SAR can then be signed by either the student, the spouse of the student, or the parents of a dependent student, and mailed to the federal processor. The reject flag will be cancelled as soon as the document is received by the federal processor.

Exceptional Situations

signing fafsa help

  • Parents Without Social Security Number (SSN)

Parents should have the Social security number, and unavailability of the SSN would mean that the person cannot obtain the FSA ID. In this case the parents can opt for the paper signature.

However, a student is free to use the FSA ID for electronically signing the document.

  • For Mentally or Physically Disabled Parents

What happens, if your parents are mentally or physically disabled and cannot sign the form?

In the case, where the parents are mentally or physically disabled and cannot sign the form, or are not present in the United States, then the student can seek help from a high school guidance counselor or college financial officer to sign the required document.

Note-The counsellor or the financial admission officer should clearly mention the reasons- Why he/she is signing the form.

The following screen shots are for your reference-

Web Certification Statement

The Web Certification Statement checks the authenticity of the information provided by the applicants or his/her parents.

In other words, by signing the certificate the student and the parents certify that the information provided by them is authentic, and they will provide the necessary documents required for verification.

By signing the Web Certification Statement, the applicant certifies that-

  • He or she will take the help of the federal aid or state aid, to pay for the cost of education.
  • He or she will not default on a federal student loan
  • The student will pay for the grant overpayment
  • The student agrees to notify the school, in case he/she defaults on the loan
  • Finally, the student agrees not to receive the Federal Pell Grant for attendance at more than one for the same period of time.

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After the FAFSA is signed by the student and the custodial parent with the help of their respective FSA IDs, a new page will pop up, which is called as the confirmation page. An applicant is required to take a print out of this page as it will serve as a proof that the FAFSA was filed by the student.

The page will also display other relevant information like- The Expected Family Contribution, information about the Federal Pell Grant, and the eligibility criteria for the Federal Stafford Loan. The confirmation page will also include the list of the colleges to which the FAFSA information will be sent.

An applicant can also use the confirmation page to transfer the information related to FAFSA into a state’s financial aid application form.

Remember, if one makes changes to the FAFSA, a new confirmation page will appear, demonstrating the changes

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