University of Michigan Ross Essay Analysis

Ross Essay 1

What are you most proud of and why? How does it shape who you are today? (up to 400 words)

Ross Essay 1 Explanation

If you are proud of your traditions and values, how are they continually shaping you? The admissions committee is after what you put your heart to achieve and how you achieved it. U Michigan is a university community committed to nurturing and developing full student potentials that they draw from their proud accomplishments. Show the committee that the achievement you point out to gives you a strong sense of belonging. Are you confident of your achievement and does it set how you intend to create a future that may benefit the student committee and U Michigan? Is the achievement a testament to your excellence at a particular task? Take your time to reflect on the achievement that is shaping your future and let the admissions committee know your awareness of its impact in achieving specific goals.

What do you value in your work and personal life that tops your list of achievements? What you select as your proudest achievement should stand out in your resume. May be you are tempted to project an increased sales revenue of 70% at a particular company. However, highlight how the experiences allowed you to overcome a leadership challenge, which required you to manage a large team on a reduced budget and within a limited timeframe. Next, express how you achieved the accomplishment and why it makes you proud. Are you self-aware and what lessons can the admissions board draw from this experience that will add value to the student you are at Ross. You may opt to show the committee a side of your character that transcends your professional achievements to a narrative that explains what you are today. Sharing your past is great, but the admissions committee is interested in who you are today. Show the committee a side of you that influences your approach to the challenges that you are facing presently.

Ross Essay 2

What is your desired career path and why?

Ross Essay 2 Explanation

A satisfactory answer to this question would be a definition of your career interest with a keen consideration of your values, personality, skills, and abilities. Do you have an interest in the tasks you perform and what are you passionate about that makes it easy for you to succeed in whatever you are doing? Answering these questions will inform the committee of where your interests lie and the kind of tasks that gives you satisfaction. The admissions committee is also interested in knowing whether what you are pursuing lines up with your career values and brings you much satisfaction. Your personality traits as an applicant, influences your satisfaction and success with a particular career. This means that the committee is able to determine if you are right for the job by evaluating your personality. Therefore, consider carefully the personality inventories that will give the committee insight into your personality and how your prefer working.

Next, evaluating your key abilities, talents and strengths will help the committee determine if you are applying for a course that fits your career path or not. Therefore, take time exploring your career options and connect them to your interests, values, personality, and skills. Make sure you are able to give the committee a detailed execution plan of your career road map, and the skills and abilities you require from Ross that will enhance your skills and abilities along the desired career path. Let the committee know that you have knowledge of how you plan to advance your career. You are at liberty to give the committee a peak into your short and long term career plan with realistic goals and objectives laid down for accomplishing it all. What career plans have you initiated to free yourself from your career barriers, and is an MBA from Ross going to rid off the barriers. Do not pressurize yourself, but give the admissions committee the idea that your real choices, decisions, and plans fit within the acquisition of the MBA.