Kumar ranjan asked 3 years ago

What are the biggest cultural shocks that one might get when he/she goes to US for the first time?

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collmisson Staff answered 3 years ago

Well there are certain things which I would like to share among some of my experiences

  1. You will find lot of students working in part time jobs even as janitors and in America no one thinks low regrading these kind of jobs. They feel that a job is a job and therefore there is no point in degrading one unlike in India where some jobs are treated as low jobs.
  2. The American men have an equal contribution in doing the daily household chores unlike India where most of the household chores are expected to be done by females only.
  3. You will not find separate queues for men and women as they think that it will be seen as gender discrimination.
  4. There are lot of strangers who would greet you and you are expected to greet them back. I was pretty amazed seeing this because back home it is not done in our everyday lives.
  5. Contrary to the notion American guys treat you well and some of them show interest in knowing about you specially in the college. This gets even more easier if you share same interests.

My suggestion is be prepared to get shocked and pleasantly surprised at the same time. That’s America for you.