Kumar Rout asked 3 years ago

What is the eligibility for studying abroad?

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collmisson Staff answered 3 years ago

The eligibility to study abroad varies from one student to another, depending on his/her choices.
In other words, whether or not a student is eligible to study abroad will depend on the type of college he/she chooses.
The following factors can play a big role in determining

  • His/her GPA
  • The scores on the standardized tests (GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT etc.)
  • A strong application with great performance in various components like- Statement ofPurpose, Letter of Recommendation, essays etc.
  • An authentic visa application, with true representation of facts
  • Confidently answering the questions during the visa interview
  • The financial stability to study abroad

Students fulfil most of the above criteria, but fail in the important visa interview. The visa interview is a daunting process and majority of the students face rejection.
As per the demands of our students, we have created an eLearning video, that provides each and every detail about the visa interview, and provides you important tips and helps you answer the tricky questions put by the Visa Officer.

kumarrout replied 3 years ago

thanks collmission for the answer..