Abhinandan asked 3 years ago

Is it better to do an MBA before or after getting work experience?

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collmisson Staff answered 3 years ago

Well, it depends, if you want to do an MBA without any work experience, then do provide a strong reason for your MBA.
Top business schools of the world welcome freshers, and they have a certain percent of seats meant only for freshers.
Now you can ask – Why do the best business schools in world require freshers?
Admission officers from all around the globe are pretty much aware about the exuberance of youth. They really value the potential, enthusiasm, and energy present in the youth. So, in order to add diversity to class, they always want a perfect combination of maturity, experience and youth.
However, if you are a fresher and you are competing with other applicants who have a good amount ofwork experience, then you need to perform well in other fields too.
Top business schools like Stanford, Harvard, and ISB in India, consider freshers depending on the following-

  • GPA and GMAT scores
  • Community Profile
  • Essays
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Optional Essay
  • Resume
  • Performance during the business school admission interview

You need to present yourself skillfully and honestly. Haphazard writing can lead to rejection. In order to have strong chances of getting into the top business schools, you have to outperform. Subscribe to out eLearning video on MBA Admission Strategy to learn about the entire process.