swaroop asked 3 years ago

I want to do an MBA in USA but I am confused with the rankings as there

are lot of agencies and do not know which one to follow. How do I know

that which B-School is the best for me? Please give me at least some details.

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collmisson Staff answered 3 years ago

First of all let me tell you there is no need to panic as there are plenty of students out there who get confused by just looking at the rankings. You see, there are some parameters which one need to consider before zeroing on the right B-School for you. It is not that the number one B-school may always be suitable for all aspirants.
So what are the parameters that you must consider
1.Length of the program
Some of the programs need commitment of two years, some need one year and some are flexible in nature. Ask yourself how much of time are you ready to devote for your program.
Now lot of students think that what there in a location but believe me it really matters a lot. If you are somebody who is not very comfortable with city based education, then the colleges located in the city would not be good for you as you will feel the pressure of expenses. But if you stay in a city chances are that you will be closer to your recruiters and can develop
contacts with them.
3.Class Size
If you are somebody who is not comfortable in a large group and struggle to make your presence felt, then my suggestion is to look for a school with smaller size of students in a class. This shall help you immensely if you are a bit of introvert. For example, Harvard has a class size of about 90 students per class. If you are not comfortable with the number of students present in the class, then there is no point applying for Harvard.
Your need to check out what kind of curriculum do the colleges follow. Some of them follow a fixed and mandatory curriculum whereas others believe in giving the freedom of choice regarding the subjects that the students want to study. For example, some universities may allow you to choose each subject that you want to study depending on credits of course.
While some of them follow a set standard. Choice is yours.

Lot of universities have basically two methods of teaching their students
1. Case Study Method
2. Lecture Method
Now which one suits you better that is up to you. Accordingly, you can pick the right schools which follow your preferred medium.
6.Academic Specialization
It is not necessary that the universally top ranked colleges might be offer your choice of specializations for that matter. It may happen that you happen to select a particular B-School for studying finance but that school is more known for marketing and finance comes second over there. My suggestion is to go for a school where finance is the first option preferred in case you want to study finance.it is likewise for other specializations as well.
Facilities are extremely important while choosing a B-School. A B-school which give you plenty of meaningful options is a better choice. Even small things like having the cafeteria where students and faculty have lunch together is a very good thing as it leads to more interaction with the faculty outside the classroom which shall help you in developing new contacts.
Now you must be wondering that why the ranking thing has been mentioned at the last. This is because rankings are done by different agencies who have different parameters for ranking. So my advice is to forget the rankings as they keep on changing every now and then. So rankings don’t matter that much.
However just for your reference you can try rankings by US news, Financial times, The economist among the noteworthy agencies in your quest for your B-School.
Good Luck!