Rakesh asked 3 years ago

Does International Exposure add value to U.S MBA application?

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collmisson Staff answered 3 years ago

Yes, international exposure is really important and plays a big role in determining your selection or rejection. International exposure adds diversity to your profile and thus strengthens your candidacy.
The admission officers of top business schools, don’t really want 90 percent Americans in their class, rather they prefer foreign students with a rich cultural background.
Diversity is something that enhances learning through exchange of intercultural information.
Students from top universities visit different countries for an internship, this is done to create global awareness. So students from different backgrounds, nationalities, cultures indirectly promote global awareness, and are welcomed by the top universities of the world.
However, your diversity is not enough to get you an admission into the top business schools in the United States.
You need to consider the following-

  • A good GMAT score with a great GPA
  • Write compelling essays
  • Optional essay – (In case, you have a low GPA, GMAT score or career gaps)
  • A genuine letter of recommendation
  • A well-crafted resume
  • And much more

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