Be prepared to slog, be prepared to go through the rigorous process and be prepared to push the limits – all this to just survive the onslaught. To succeed apart from everything mentioned above what is needed more than anything else is perseverance. The research that you will be expected to carry out will stretch to explore everything that is documented and everything else that is not documented.

True, it is hard, but do not be swayed by opinions that want you to believe that it is very hard and impossible to complete. If you come across any niche topic, invest your time in it will honesty and will surely complete your research. Do not get influenced by negativity, but be positive in your approach and most importantly believe in your abilities. Set a deadline, and more often than not if you are honest you will meet it.

The second most important aspect that needs to be factored in is the ability to articulate your ideas in a crisp and yet extensive manner. Try to possess an ability or cultivate one wherein you can persuade others according to your own point of view. Also, take a mental note of the audience and the mix of the audience and then clearly draft a persuasive and penetrative argument.