Problems with Form I-20

Few problems that may creep in with the Form I-20 are discussed below:

  • Typographical errors
  • No sign from the DSO
  • Any missing information

Even though these are very minor flaws, the consul might still reject your application.  Unless the problems are fixed by the DSO, you might face problems entering the United States. Bear in mind that corrected entries in SEVIS however, might be good enough. Hence, in order to avoid these small mistakes go over Form I-20 as soon you get in your hands from the DSO, and if you find any discontinuity contact them immediately.

Here we should mention the importance of dates. If the date mentioned on Form I-20 which you have received has already passed, your visa will be refused. Even if the date mentioned is very close the consul might still reject your form because of very little time.


The consul might suggest you to contact the DSO, and request them to extend the meeting to the date the consul deems fit.

Financial Support Problems

Even though the school has verified your financial conditions before issuing Form I-20, the consul might still reject your visa of they are not entirely confident. They will still see and scrutinize your financial documents that promise to cover your expenses, at least for the first year of your stay.

The sources which you have mentioned should be adept enough to manage your financial costs in the next few years also. Also, since transferring funds might be tricky sometimes, hence before the interview find out about these problems and the solutions.