Problems With Educational Qualifications

Proficiency in the English language is paramount. If Form I- 20 shows that English is needed for the studies, the school will have to determine that you are adept enough. However, if you are not, then Form I-20 should also state that suitable arrangements have been made for you to achieve that required proficiency. Also, the consul will interview you in English just to gauge your English ability. Once again if you are found bluffing, the visa may be rejected out rightly.

The consul assumes the role of a gatekeeper, which checks all your claims about academic qualifications and makes sure that the school to which you have applied is not lured into believing something which is false. For instance, the consul may look into your claims about completing education from any academic institution from your home country and verify the details again. Also, all the documents must be properly scrutinized so that the consul is confident that they are unaltered and are consistent.