Students’ Universal Dilemma – Preparations for the Interview


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student interview tips and tricks

Every student has to face the challenge of appearing for an interview in his/her life. Most of them dread this very thought of an interview as it gives them nightmares because lot of times they are not guided properly. COLLMISSION believes in the theory of a disciplined and holistic approach towards college interviews.  (The following tips contain actual experiences of real time students who have been alumni of prestigious colleges in US.)

Let’s start with General observation.

If you can get an idea on who is going to take the interview search your interviewer on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, or other social media sites. Don’t mention that you searched for them during the interview, but it’s worth checking to see if your interests match with him/her so that you can highlight the similarities on your resume, or to just see what how they look like so as to get fair idea about the person, read posts on their wall to understand them better if it is possible. Get an excellent Always, remember that the resume is the first point of contact before you actually meet your interviewer, so make sure it’s formatted neatly and contains only information that is necessary for the interview. Conduct mock interviews, either, or with a parent, counsellor, friend, teacher, with yourself in the mirror etc. It is always better to practice more and more to be at ease during the actual interview. Think about the possible questions and their expected answers.It is always better to have a fair idea to have an understanding on the expected questions. For making your life easier we have created a set of questions. Use School Website You need to use the institution’s website as a reference conduct a research on the institution using the following as parameters
  • Entrance requirements.
  • Course curriculum.
  • Majors and Minors offered.
  • Marking/Grading system.
  • Data related to current status of admissions if available.
  • Financial aid offered if any and what are the processes to get them.
Arrive at least 15 mins early and try to find out how much time does it normally take to travel from your place to the institution and see somebody from the enquiry counter to confirm the right room number or office to avoid any last minute hassles. Be respectful of everyone you come across on campus right from the admissions receptionist, student volunteers, tour guide, the guy in the Student Centre who points you towards a library or restroom. Small things do matter. Think about asking quality questions to the interviewers such as What are you really proud of as an institution? What makes you so popular among the student community? What more skill enhancement programs can I expect during my stay at the institution? Always do back ground research of the institution. Chances of you being enquired about why you want to study in this institution are extremely high. Always be courteous to your interviewer.Be sure to practice the three C’s: Calm, Cool, and Composed. Cross check your emails before sending them out to make sure they are error free. Remember that first impression is the last impression. Make sure to use proper grammar, spelling, capitalization and punctuation in your written correspondences as it can be a huge turn off specially if you are requesting for rescheduling or any other things to the admissions department of the institution.

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