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It is never too far to see. All that you need is a telescope.

Research in US has always been the apple of the eye for countless men and women who want to scale new heights, rewrite history books and leave an impression that shall last for a life time and beyond. We have seen plenty of talent who deserve a chance in the top colleges, however they could not achieve it. The destination was known to them but the means to reach there was not clear. It is this denial, of a research seat to one of the most talented people on the earth made us sit up and realise that the world would turn out to be a much better place to live in if, we could get benefited by the findings of these learned scholars. But like all great things do, they needed an inspiration, a helping hand to come to their rescue. That’s where COLLMISSION decided to step in to fulfil the gap and now proudly provides you the best experts on PhD programs who have seen it all – up close and personal.

If you have what it takes to be a good research fellow in US and are serious about it, read on to know how we plan to take you right there where you belong to – The league of the extraordinary US PhDs



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How Our Process Works

In order to maximize the probability that you will be admitted to your dream graduate school, our talented and experienced admissions consultants will guide you throughout every step of the graduate school admissions process.

Building Strategy

Preparation for test

School Selection


Interview Preparation

Taking Decision

Details For Phd in US

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  • 1.Self-Introspection

    First of all we shall help you in deciding that whether you really want to do a PHD in US. The reason is that doing PhD needs a long term commitment in terms of finances and your personal involvement. One should take up the PhD if one wants to go into research field or if one wants to apply for a position as a lecturer /professor in a university globally.

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  • 2.Deciding on the topic

    You need to know right from the start regarding what you want to research. In case you have not figured it out you should plan it out and how is it going to help you and others in the long run.

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  • 3.Take the tests

    You need to take the standardized test. Like GRE/GMAT/IERLTS.TOEFL.
    A strong letter of recommendation is really important because it helps in ascertaining whether you shall end up with funding or not. So we help you and advise you on how to request your professors on how to write that perfect letter of recommendation.

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  • 4.Deciding the colleges

    We shall help you in cracking the code of the right college selection as our experts shall do research on your behalf to understand the performance of the students who had earlier done their PhD from that particular college to help you to understand your prospects better.

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  • 5.Finding the Right Mix

    Once you have zeroed on the university you have to find out the professor who is heading research in your particular area of interest. You need to send an email stating the fact that how you are very much interested in his/her research work and would like to contribute meaningfully. Our experts shall help you in drafting that E-Mail as one mistake can close the doors of that opportunity before you realise it.

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  • 6.Prioritising Vital Documents

    Next we shall help you in making sure that you have an impressive Statement of Purpose along with LOR. Also we shall help you in choosing which particular publications should be sent to him/her.
    Then we shall help you in completing your application form with other components and send your application to the concerned authority.

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  • 7.College Interview

    Sometimes you are required to appear for an interview before the professor decides upon your candidature for the interview. This gives you a brilliant opportunity to make the most of it and our experts shall help you in every possible way to make it count. Also we need to keep a track of various important deadlines from time to time.
    Using our guidance when you are able to satisfy their criteria for selection, you would receive an admission offer letter which you might need to sign and send it back within the stipulated time.

  • 8.VISA Interview

    Then our experts shall guide you for the all-important VISA Interview because this is a hurdle which you need to clear as lot of good students could not go to America because they had no clue what the VISA officers were looking for. Since our experts have faced this situation themselves therefore you would get to know about the complexities of the VISA straight from somebody who has already experienced. That’s what differentiates us from rest of the crowd.

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  • 9.Final Frontier Conquered

    Once you clear the VISA Interview the last minute’s details are shared with you regarding planning your stay and other minor things which we feel might come in handy for you and then you fly out to US and live your dream.