How to Apply for an US VISA

Before the actual interview, there are three steps:

  • You submitting the visa application
  • Paying the fees
  • Scheduling the interview. 

Go through . Go to the tab for the Non-immigrant visas. Study the visa application procedure at the consulate very carefully and follow the mentioned steps.

  • All the F-1 student visa application forms must be filled and submitted online using Form DS-160 (visit
  • Make sure that there are no silly typographical errors, particularly in the sections where information has to be filled in manually (egg. - passport number)
  • Put in an estimated date of arrival, the approximate tenure of stay.
  • Make a mention of at least two people back home that the consulate can contact for background and other verification.
  • Enter the SEVIS number, and the course of study. If there is any secondary school, choose either Academic or Vocational.
  • It is entirely up to the student when to submit the application form, because at the end of the day, you are solely accountable for the answers that you have mentioned in your application form.
  • Make sure that there are no fabricated or contradictory answers in your form, because if the answers are not consistent, you might not only be refused a visa, but also might be barred from entering the United States anytime in the future.

Paying the Visa Application Fee

The F-1 students will have to pay a non-immigrant visa application fee which is non-refundable. Currently the fee is currently US$140. Keep a close tab on the website of the consulate website or

Also many consulates provide a list of local banks where the application fee can be paid. Online payment of fees is also prevalent at some consulates. Whatever medium you choose, get a printed confirmation and a receipt which is necessary for the future steps.

For the students who are first-time F-1 applicants, have to pay US$200 (current rate) as SEVIS fee, and also submit Form I-901. You can go through the process either online or through the mail.

The SEVIS I-901 fee should not be paid before the visa interview appointment, but payment is needed before the interview. Allow yourself enough time for your payment to be done and verified.