Your essays give us great insight into your personality and your other unique qualities.You will submit the two required essays with your online application.Each essay is limited to no more than 500 words

Owen essay Question:

While business school is a time for exploration, we do expect you to have a strong sense about why you want an MBA and what you hope to do once you graduate. Applying to business school is an introspective process and we want to make sure you have a good sense for what you want from a program, where you hope it will lead you and why Owen is well suited to help you attain your goals.

If necessary, you may provide an additional statement to explain poor academic performance, weak test scores, significant gaps in full-time employment, lack of recommendation from your current or most recent supervisor, academic misconduct or anything else that you think is important for the Admissions Committee to know about you that is not already addressed elsewhere in your application. Please use the Optional Essay space in the online application.

Owen essay Explanation:

This essay asks you to identify the need of a MBA Degree at this point in your career, the timing etc.,& how will a MBA degree be helpful in attaining your short term & Long term goals and aspirations. The gap fulfillment by the Degree in terms of knowledge, expertise, the community & network takeaways, hands on experience, which you look forward to achieve. The Question asks you, on your specific short term aims which you will take forward once you will graduate. The “Introspective Process of choosing a Business schools “gives us the hint that the admissions panel wants to know the reasons for your Selection of Owen Over other B Schools, and your Strategic Fit with it.Clearly describing on key takeaways you plan from the Owen’s MBA.Broadly stating your future path after the learning experience. The career vision should look sincere & credible. Not state a goal explicitly ---but the context for arriving at this decision. Aim should reveal a organized plan. Lastly again dwelling on the reasons of “Why & How the Owen’s MBA”will accelerate your goal attainment, both in short & long Term.