Other Brooding Points

So, you might have applied for a doctoral program, and have not got through. Try for the next best available option – that is the master’s, as the requirements are less stringent, and also this will reflect that you are serious about your graduate program. Also, after this the doctorate program might get easier.

  • Try applying as a non-degree student and give yourself an opportunity to understand yourself better; that is, you capable enough of handling the work-pressure, and also make yourself visible to the professors, so that when you apply the next year your impression does the trick for you.
  •  A low GRE score might have a reason why your candidature was rejected. The only way to improve this would be to take the GRE test on your specific/professional field again. This time your scores should improve because now you are well acquainted with the format and the type of questions asked. Also, recent scores are referred while scrutinizing your application form. 
  • -Essay, as we have already mentioned on many occasions should not be left to the last possible moment, but should be given maximum time and effort. The two to three drafts which we have already mentioned should be followed, and always look for positive and constructive criticisms.
  • We understand that you are ambitious and want to get into the top Ivy League colleges, but then in the hindsight you are also curtailing your own chance of applying to as many colleges as possible. So when you research you would have come across different colleges and universities, according to your interest; hence when you apply to the colleges the next year keep in the mind these colleges and universities also. 
  • Finally the reference who has drafted your letter should also be looked upon. If possible get a more distinguished person referring you; it will carry substantial weightage.