Washington – Olin Essay Analysis

Olin Essay 1

Rather than asking you for an assorted series of short essay responses, we require that you submit one comprehensive personal statement regarding your interest in the program and your personal and professional aspirations. We believe that this relatively open-ended requirement will allow you to more fully express your candidacy for our program.

Olin Essay 1 Explanation

After helping hundreds of MBA applicants gain entry into international schools, we have acquired knowledge of one or two things needed in writing a compelling personal statement explaining your interest in Olin’s program and your personal and professional aspirations. In this essay, we stress on the fundamentals, a brainstorming session, and an outline; make it personal, and ensure that your resume meets the needs of the admissions committee. Do not approach the paper in a haphazard and ill-advised manner. Your abilities as a critical thinker will help you think through this situation.

 Every day, we are bound to make choices and decisions reflecting our internal decision-making abilities. Often, the values that drive our choice may be deeper, and we may be oblivious of our self-marketing strategies. The essay prompt does not disappoint in leaving the choice to you, but hands over the power to determine the content that will successfully market your abilities. The approach is hardly new, given that it is standard procedure for Olin to require a single essay from the applicant. Olin’s new approach is distinct from the approach of other schools, as it knows for sure that its assigned topic approach is no longer feasible.

Although you have the freedom of choosing what you write, look for unique, distinctive features of yourself. What interests you in the field? What has it taught you? What reinforces the conviction that you are suited for this field? Ask yourself these questions to gain insights into the question. Remember to answer only what you are asked, and if you opt to tell a story, be specific, and demonstrate your conciseness with concrete experience. If your life story has no drama, an angle will be vital to your essay. Keep in mind that the lead paragraph is your selling point, as it grabs the attention of the reader or loses it. Concentrate on this, as it is the framework for the entire statement.