Northeastern University Boston, (Massachusetts)


Location- 130 Snell Engineering Center Boston, MA 02115-5000Northeastern University

Northeastern University Boston, (Massachusetts) is situated in one of the oldest and the 24th largest city in the United States, the Northeastern University offers a diverse class of learning opportunities all across the globe. With 8 federally funded Research Institutions the college of Engineering provides ample scope to challenge the optimum limit of innovation and drives discovery. The world leading cooperative education program aims at the development of innovators and leaders that enables the students to keep in track with the fast changing global demands and deliver to the fullest.

The Application Fee of Northeastern College of Engineering for International students and the US residents is $75.The average GPA is 3.3.The average GRE OLD (VERBAL) is comparatively low at 504 and the average GRE NEW (VERBAL) is 148. The average GRE OLD (QUANTITATIVE) and the average GRE NEW (QUANTITATIVE) are 767 and 161 respectively. The average GRE Analytical Writing score is around 3.2. The Acceptance Rate is on the higher side i.e. 37.50%. The accepted students are required to pay a Tuition Fee of $1,422/Credit for IN-STATE and OUT OF STATE.

The total course fee will vary depending on the number of credits chosen by the student.

School: Northeastern University Boston, MA

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Acceptance Rate: 37.50%

Average GPA: 3.3

Average GRE (Old):

                Verbal – 504

                Quantitative –767

Average GRE (New):

                Verbal – 148

                Quantitative –161

                Analytical Writing – 3.2

Application Fee:

                US Resident – $75

                International – $75


                In-State – $1,422/CREDIT

                Out of State - $1,422/CREDIT

Northeastern University Boston, MA   PHD MS
  Bio Engineering 15-Jan 15-Jan
  Mechanical Engineering 15-Jan 15-Jan
  Chemical Engineering 15-Jan 15-Jan
  Environmental Engineering 15-Jan 15-Jan
  Civil Engineering 15-Jan 15-Jan
  Computer Engineering 15-Jan 15-Jan
  Material Engineering 15-Jan 15-Jan