An excellent opportunity for the applicants, who are older (in terms of age), which means they would have a rich professional experience (in terms of years), is to highlight to the admissions committee their exceptional maturity, initiative and leadership skills, as against the more traditional college graduates, who apply for international education. These categories of applicants, can well encase on their career development till date, their progression, both in their professional and personal life, their skills, etc. One area, where the admissions committee seeks clarification, from these candidates, is the need of doing the ‘particular program’ now, after years of experience or studies. If he/she can explain this well, in his or her LOR, the battle is half won. The author can pen examples or anecdotes, which showcase the applicant as a good ‘fit’ for the particular program or school, he/she is applying for.

Candidate Profile:

Name - Rita Gupta.

Bachelor in Fashion Design from NIFT.

Experience as a Junior Design Assistant in a Buying & Export House in Delhi for 3 years

For the last 4 years, she has been working companies like Arvind Mills and Madura Garments, as Senior Design Assistant.


I am very happy, to author this letter of recommendation for my employee Ms. Rita Gupta, whom I know from the last 4 years. I am the Head of Procurement and Design at Arvind Mills. In my career of 15 years, I haven’t seen an employee like Rita, who is always ready to take up responsibilities, to carry them out with utmost integrity and dedication, and carry this same sense till the completion of the task. With a mere experience of 3 years, in a sector, where each day, someone or the other outreaches you, and where each day is a new beginning with changing styles and fashions, Rita joined the Madura Garments-Fashion & lifestyle, as Junior Design Assistant, where she showed incredible performance and commitment to the tasks, assigned to her. Back then, Madura has launched their Kids segment garments, which didn’t gain momentum as expected, Rita took the charge, and introduced the vibrant colors and pattern usage. She further conducted a random online survey of both children and parents, of what they would like to wear for an evening, out with family and for a friend’s get-together. Her method of implementing ideas, was more ‘tried and tested’ ways, which is a ‘must need’, for the garment industry. But, she did this, in her own novice style. This caught the eyes, of her mentors and the management.

In a creative field like designing, you have to be really competitive, your attitude and aptitude towards a particular design or idea, has to be really compelling, only then can one thrive in the market. Your ideas may be good or better, but if they don’t have a market for it, there is no use or place for it. To this, Rita, took immense care, that whatever she presents, has been substantiated with logic. She always took that extra care and went that extra mile, to show this. Next in line, she used her excellent interpersonal and communication skills to deliver what she was inclined at. Motivating people, and aligning them together for the profit of the company, is one area, I think, I need to learn from her. She is a team player with inspiring leadership skills. I have witnessed this, once when one of our clients from the UK, was unhappy with quality of Cotton and Linen shirts, we delivered. Instead of talking about it and blaming anyone, she took the entire blame on herself and directly liasoned with the vendor and replaced their full shipment with rectified and superior quality shirts. This was the time, I decided I had to take Rita along with me, when I left Madura and joined Arvind Mills, the fourth largest manufacturer and exporter of denims in the world, and the largest in India.

At Arvind Mills, Rita was designated at a higher role of Senior Design Assistant. Even though she was promoted to a higher level, she listened patiently to her juniors and other viewpoints and always kept her mind open to alternative ways to reap the best result. She has this best ‘intuitive’ capabilities of predicting which trends will work and which won’t. So she has also handled forecasting, apart from her normal Job description. She has been a fast and a keen learner so far, adapting and accepting changes graciously. Rita made Arvind Mills, win the South East Asian Award for ‘Best Innovative Texture and Design ‘She worked with the team, day and night, and invented a new texture of Cotton and Jute, with interchanging the warps and wefts. This new texture was customer centric, and catered to the needs of clothing for the Indian Summers. We at Arvind Mills, are lucky to have her with us.

Rita wants to do an MBA, from your university, to meet her long term career aspirations of starting her own design line. She plans to launch it, only after, she has educated herself, with the required marketing and strategical knowledge for an Entrepreneur to know, to be able to sustain in today’s dynamic business environment. I offer her my strongest support for fulfilling this.

For further questions, please feel free, to contact me at sashibanerjee@mmmmm.com <mailto:sashibanerjee@mmmmm.com> or call me at xxxxxxxxxxx.

Thanking You,

Mr. Sashi Banerjee.

Head - Procurement and Design,

Arvind Mills,