You are required to submit two essays in support of your application. Essay topics are given below. Please answer the following in 300-500 words. Please answer all sub-sections of each question.

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Naveen jindal Essay 1

Through the last decade, we have seen the impact business people have on our society. At the end of your career, what do you think people will say you did for society? Give an example of something you have already done that supports this characterization.

Naveen jindal Essay 1 Explanation

The admissions panel at Jindal, wants to hear from you, your community profile, in detail. The “Factory Farming Business”, which is talked about in all of United States, how they keep it hidden, and supply to supermarkets,etc?The pitiable condition they keep the pigs, hens & the like, as we create the demands for those products from them. This is what businesses have been doing from the last decade or more even. In this essay ,you have been given a good amount of 300-500 words space to show your sensitiveness to your environment, to the surroundings,& how go can make a difference to them by being yourself involved. For Example: you have been volunteering Girl’s Education here in India, or have been actively participating in Blood donations camps of many Clubs or NGOs,here you can present all of them with your keen attitude to making a difference in the society & to the community at large. Since the question explicitly asks, from what you have already done, present the facts accordingly with a view to carry it forward in the near future too. Your receptiveness to your immediate surroundings is what the panel wants to know here.Broadly keep in mind, at the end of your career, meaning after completion of your MBA ,the plans you have to do for the society, environment etc. Reveal a organized plan which you have in mind,& present it from a third person’s viewpoint. Since in the question the future plans is asked first & then the past works, you can alternatively present I,t also, a past performance with a projection in the coming years. One key area which has to be taken care here is ,while presenting the plan of what you will be doing & for what people will remember you, make use of the MBA experience (either in terms of your knowledge /skills learnt /or community advantage or alumni networks which you can avail )for carrying out the proper execution of the said plan. The MBA takeaways from the school has to be an integral part of this description.

Naveen jindal Essay 2

Keeping in mind the ever-changing landscape of the business realm, what is your strategy to ensure your personal success in this environment? Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, and 15 years from the completion of the UT Dallas Full-Time (Cohort) MBA Program? How will the Cohort Program be instrumental in achieving your goals?

Naveen jindal Essay 2 Explanation

The dynamic nature of the Global Business Scenario where careers change, industries change & the markets change, is the main area of focus for tomorrow’s leaders .This change, trying to either keeping pace with it or driving it,is the person behind it.To make oneself at edge knowledge /expertise /career wise ,one needs to fulfill the GAP. The answer to this Gap is the MBA Degree. What are your short & long term goals in the period of 5 ,10 & 15 years ,express that with specific plans, the key takeaways from the Jindal MBA Programs ,what you are looking to develop here, how will this accelerate your fulfillment of your personal & career aspirations. Cohorts are small study with people from diverse backgrounds, from this the experiences one can have is to learn how to view a problem from different angles, with different solutions. The diversified close knit groups, bring with them different thoughts, which are useful.