MS in US – Top reasons to Study in the States?

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Average Cost of MS in US – Are You Prepared?
Average Salary (MS in US) – A Career Transforming Opportunity
What leads to the variation in the salaries of MS students?

Students from all over the world seek for quality education, and while deciding on their higher education i.e. MS in US. Among all the available options, a vast majority of students opt for MS. The reasons may vary from one student to another, but the choice remains the same. The universities in USA are known for their diverse environment, out of the box education, global exposure, and abundant resources to support education.

So let us shed some light on the U.S education system and understand the reasons for pursuing MS in US.

World Class Education

The universities in USA are class apart, and the education is based on understanding the practical aspects, and theoretical education is given minimum priority. Students get access to the unique style of teaching, and are provided with advanced research facilities and laboratories for enhanced learning.

Flexible Programs

One of the biggest advantages of pursuing a MS in US is students get what they want. There are a lot of available programs from which students can choose the most suitable MS program.

You don’t get such options in any other country, and this option makes the united states as the best destination for higher education especially master studies.

The Best in the World

Students looking to study in the states and pursue MS in US, shouldn’t be disappointed. With the growing popularity of education in US, a degree earned from the united states is highly respected world over. Students are planning to pursue MS in US should plan ahead and strive hard to get into the top universities.

If you consider the graduate school rankings and take a look at the top 20 universities for master studies, especially MS, you will find 17 universities from the United states listed in the global rankings.

A Diverse Environment

The united states are home to thousands of international students, who continuously strive for a life changing opportunities. This helps in improving the perspectives, learn about different cultures, thrive in a diverse environment, learn about people’s perception etc.

Moreover, being an international student, you won’t feel like a lone member in the United States, as you will have thousands of students from your own nation to share, learn and prosper. This will make your master studies more enjoyable and interesting.

Here is a look at the top 5 international communities in the United States-

Rank Country
1 Indian
2 Chinese
3 Korea
4 Japan
5 Taiwan

Better Job Opportunities

The United states is a country with the largest economy, and known for its unparalleled scope for growth and development. Students who plan to study in the states have a genuine advantage. Majority of the companies from the United States are listed in the fortune 500.Students doing MS in US are rewarded with the best salaries, on an average a fresher earns in the range of $60k- 100k after completing the degree.

According to a survey more than 50 percent of the workforce in the United States are expected to retire by 2020. This clearly gives an idea about the potential of US job market in the near future.

Average Cost of MS in US – Are You Prepared?

Average Cost of MS in US

Get information about Why pursue your MS in US, along with the average cost for MS in US and the average salary of students pursuing MS in US

Students planning to go for their master studies, won’t get an option better than the United States. However, best things come at a cost, and average cost of MS in USA can be quite expensive. There are hundreds of public and private universities in USA, and determining the exact MS fees in USA for each university is not an easy task.

The average cost of MS in USA in a public university is likely to be less as compared to the that of the private universities. When one considers the state universities, the average cost of MS in USA varies from $20,000 to $30,000 for the entire two years. If the amount is converted to Indian rupee, considering the current value of dollars, MS fees in USA in a state university will cost you Rupees 13 lakhs – 20 lakhs for the entire 2 years.

Similarly, the average cost of MS in USA for private universities will vary from $25,000-$50,000. If we Convert it to Indian currency, students will have to pay somewhere in the range of Rupees 17 lakhs – 33 lakhs for MS in private universities.

NOTE- Students looking to study in the states must note that, some universities charge their fees on the number of credits you choose, and the payment is done on basis of the number of credit hours.

If you consider the MS fees in USA for elite universities or the universities listed in the graduate school rankings – the course fee may vary from $ 40,000- $90,000. Some of these Universities have attractive discounts for in- state students, but the international and out-of-state students have to pay a higher amount.

MS in US – The Living Expenses

The tuition fee alone is not sufficient to determine your entire cost of education; the living expenses are added as well. If you want to save some dollars, and are looking to reside in cities that have a comparatively low cost of living, then we have shortlisted a few places for your convenience.

The cities listed below, are quite economical and daily expenses like accommodation cost, transport, electricity, groceries including other miscellaneous expenses are low.

Let us have a look at the table-

Cities Having a Low Cost of Living Cities Having a High Cost of Living
Fort Smith – Arkansas Boston
Austin – Texas New York
Pueblo –  Colorado Los Angeles
Ashland – Ohio San Diego
Springfield – Illinois San Francisco

Note – Cities located in California have a high cost of living, and the cities located in Texas are comparatively economical.

Average Salary (MS in US) – A Career Transforming Opportunity

ms in us average salary

After two long years of intense hard work, when students pass out of the American universities after pursuing their master studies, the average MS salary in USA acts as a strong motivation. Most international students choose to stay back and look for career changing jobs.

Yes, the average MS salary in USA is one of the highest in world. Students after pursuing MS from the best graduate colleges get a healthy salary that ranges from $60,000-$100,000 per annum.

If you compare the salaries with the other countries, then the earnings are a good 5 to 10 times more. Some students get placed with a salary of $100,000, whereas other students get a satisfactory package of $30,000.

What leads to the variation in the salaries of MS students?

The salaries vary depending on the following factors-

Work Experience

Students having relevant work experience prior to their master’s degree are offered a comparatively higher salary.

Location of Job

A Job in an expensive city can get you a better package.

Area of Specialization

The area you specialize is another important factor that will determine your salary. Students with Computer Science as their specialization might get a higher package as compared to the students with specialization in Management Information Systems.

Performance During the Interview

Your performance during the interview determines your salary. Students who outperform during the interview and convince their employer, have a much better chance of walking out with a higher package.

NOTE- Most international students who study in the states, find it tough to get a job in the United States. However, it is comparatively easy for Engineering students to get a job, because when the technical aspects are considered, it is quite easy for the employers to prove that didn’t find skilled US citizens.

Irrespective of the above factors the average MS salary in USA remains one of the highest in the world and is one of the major reasons for attracting students from all around the world.