Location – Cambridge, Massachusetts, USAMIT SLOAN SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the Institutions, usually cited as one of the World’s Top Universities, traditionally known for its Research & Education in the Physical Sciences & Engineering. It has given the world, many Nobel Laureates, Astronauts & Scientists, located at Massachusetts.

The MIT SLOAN School of Management (MIT SLOAN or SLOAN) offers Full Time MBAMIT Sloan gives more importance to innovation in practice and research. The Curriculum is focused on Action learning, or learning by doing which makes use of the fact that students apply concepts learned in the classroom to real-world business settings. Courses are taught using the Case Method, Lectures, team projects, and hands-on Action Learning Labs.

 MIT SLOAN is Ranked as #1 in the more disciplines than any other business school. It is Ranked #5 by the “US News & World Report” in its 2015 Global Rankings and 8th by the Financial Times. The school is ranked as 12th by The Economist in its 2015 Global MBA Rankings.

The Acceptance Rate of MIT SLOAN is 13.8%.

Key Admission Statistics of the Full Time MBA Program 

The Average GMAT Score of Admits is 716, with the GMAT Range being 670-760.The Average GPA (Grade Point Average)/Transcript of Admits is 3.54.The GPA Range is 3.2-3.89.

The Application Fees is $250.The Tuition Fees is same for Instate & Out-State (International) Applicants, which is $63,454.

The Average Base Salary goes $1, 21,277. The Average Class (Enrolled Full-Time) is 406 students per year in its Full-Time MBA Program, with the Composition of International Applicants as 40.60%, with Composition of Indian Students being 10.30%.

The MIT SLOAN is one of the most selective business school in the World.

The Mission of MIT Sloan is "to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world and to generate ideas that advance management practice." 

School NameMassachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)        
School Address238 Main Street, E48-500
Cambridge, MA 02142
Program URL
AdmissionAdmission fall
September 15, 2016
January 17, 2017April 10, 2017
EnrollmentTotal ApplicantsAcceptedEnrolledAvg. Undergrad GPAGPA RangeAvg GMATGMAT RangeAvg. Work Experience
716670-76058 months
GREGRE Accepted% Of GRE Reportee
TOEFLTOEFL Required? InternationalMin. TOEFL_PaperMin. TOEFL_Internet
Admission ContactsDirector Of AdmissionFT Program PhoneFT Program Email
Rod Garcia(617)