Michigan State University East Lansing (Michigan)


Location- 428 S.Shaw Lane, 3410 Engineering Building East Lansing, MI 48824Michigan State University

Michigan State University’s College of Engineering has 7 departments, 16 Research Centers & Facilities, 170 Faculties, 439 Active Research Grants 213,000+ square feet of classrooms, labs and offices, $52,615,953 Research Expenditures. The statistics speak volumes for the infrastructure of the institution. The university has consistently performed and has managed to maintain a rank of the highest order. It is globally recognized and stands out in the field of innovation.

With brilliant facilities the current research thrusts include Communications and Information Technology. The Application Fee of Michigan State University’s College of Engineering is $50 for International Students and the Application Fee for US residents is $50. The average GPA is 3.5. The average GRE OLD (VERBAL) and the average GRE NEW (VERBAL) are 510 and 149 respectively. The average GRE OLD (QUANTITATIVE) is 690 and the average GRE NEW (QUANTITATIVE) is 161. The average GRE Analytical Writing score is on the higher side i.e. 4.5. The students who apply need to be aware about the extent of competition involved in the application process as the Acceptance Rate which is 10.40%. The Tuition Fee is $747/CREDIT for IN-STATE and $1,401/CREDIT for OUT OF STATE.

The total tuition fee will vary depending on the number of credits chosen by the student.

School: Michigan State University East Lansing, MI

School URL: http://www.egr.msu.edu/

Acceptance Rate: 10.40%

Average GPA: 3.5

Average GRE (Old):

                Verbal – 510

                Quantitative –690

Average GRE (New):

                Verbal – 149

                Quantitative –161

                Analytical Writing – 3.5

Application Fee:

                US Resident – $50

                International – $50


                In-State – $747/CREDIT

                Out of State - $1,401/CREDIT

Michigan State University East Lansing, MI   PHD     MS
    Round 1 Round 2 Round 1 Round 2
  Chemical Engineering 15-Jan-17   15-Jan-17  
  Material Engineering 15-Jan-17   15-Jan-17  
  Civil Engineering 15-Dec-16  Sep-30 15-Dec-16  Sep-30
  Environmental Engineering 15-Dec-16  Sep-30 15-Dec-16  Sep-30
  Computer Science 31-Dec-16  Sep-15 31-Dec-16  Sep-15
  Electrical Engineering 15-Jan Sep-15 15-Jan 15-Sep
  Computer Engineering 15-Dec Sep-30 15-Jan 30-Sep
  Mechanical Engineering 15-Dec   15-Dec