Michigan Engineering School


 Address:- Robert H. Lurie Engineering Center Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2102Michigan Engineering School
Almost all the colleges and divisions of this university of Michigan ranks best in their field, and the Michigan Engineering School is no exception. Engineering  in this university has a strong reputation for excellence.

 The average GPA is 3.6. The average GRE (New) marks for Verbal and Quantitative are 153 and 166 respectively. The average GRE Analytical Writing score is 3.41.The Acceptance Rate of Michigan Engineering School is 27.60%. The Michigan Engineering School has kept the Application Fees of $75 for In-state applicants and $90 for Out of State applicants. The students from the United States have to pay the Tuition Fees of $23,504, and the International applicants have to pay the Tuition Fees of $44,216.  

School: Michigan Engineering School

School URL: http://grad.engin.umich.edu

Acceptance Rate: 27.60%

Average GPA: 3.6

Average GRE (Old):

                Verbal – N/A

                Quantitative – N/A

Average GRE (New):

                Verbal – 153

                Quantitative – 166

                Analytical Writing – 3.41

Application Fee:

                US Resident – $75

                International – $90


                In-State – $23,504

                Out of State - $44,216


University of Michigan—Ann Arbor Ann Arbor, M   PHD MS
  Aerospace 15-Dec-16 15-Dec-16
  Biomedical 15-Dec-16 15-Jan-17
  Chemical 15-Dec-16 15-Jan-17
  CEE (Civil and Environmental) 15-Dec-16 15-Dec-16
  CSE (Computer Science Engineering) 15-Dec-16 15-Jan-17
  EE (Electrical Engineering) 15-Dec-16 15-Jan-17
  EE:S (Electrical Engineering: Systems 15-Dec-16 15-Jan-17
  Nuclear 15-Dec-16 15-Jan-17
  Robotics 15-Dec-16 15-Jan-17