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Introduction to MBA Application Process

With the steady rise in the post-MBA salaries accompanied by the booming economy, there has been a great increase in demand for Business school.
Financial Reward Intellectual Challenge Personality Development Professional Advancement


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Roads to Destination – Which MBA to Choose?

“Look before you leap” - A simple thought which we all have been taught since our kindergarten days. This holds true and become immensely significant when we are on the threshold of choosing the most suitable MBA program that is going to redefine our lives and career forever.
Full-time Program Executive Program Part-time Program


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Components of Business School Application

The components of B-school application are the important in determining your candidacy and it should be considered by each and every applicant before they plan to get into the top B-Schools of US.
Transcript The  Resume Essays Global Citizenship


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Types of Interview

The Admission officers, who are the primary decision makers, often conduct the interviews. The students, or, the seniors of the business schools, can also take your interview.
Blind Interview Non-Blind Interview Behavioral Interview


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Determing Factors of Admission

In order to gain admission into a top ranked college in the US, one has to mandatorily satisfy the criteria set by the colleges. A lot of those criteria can be really complicated for a student and that is the reason we at COLLMISSION have taken the responsibility of making your life easier.
The Determining Factors Point to Ponder Over


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Judgement Day – Results Announced

After the interview is over, stop worrying about the results as you have probably given your best,which cannot be changed. Sit, relax and spend some time in self-introspection regarding where your career is taking you and what would you like to do before you enter the classroom of your B-School.
Facing the Truth What if You are Rejected?


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Waitlist Management

Most candidates, perform brilliantly right throughout the application process, but they find their names on the waiting list.
The first question that strikes is - What does it mean to be wait-listed? Or Why am I wait listed?

What is Waitist Waitlist Policies



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