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MBA Admissions Facts Vs Myths

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Time and again we have come across lots of statements which we have read or heard from various sources with respect to GMAT exams. A lot of these are contradictory and gullible students often fall in the trap of these statements.

For an example take a look at the above mentioned statements. You might wonder which one is right.

The answer is that both the statements are right. How?

Let us check the facts about MBA.


  • The first one is a common spread perception.
  • The second one is a hard hitting reality.

We are not the ones who are endorsing this. Let’s get it straight from the men who matter.

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Here, he clearly states that, the GMAT score is not everything, as you need to be an all-round performer.

Let’s go through the frequently most asked questions in the student community who wish to pursue their American MBA dream.

FAQ – 1 out of 16

GMAT can be appeared only once in a life time. Is it True?

gamt scores

This one of the most asked questions by MBA aspirants. That’s grossly incorrect. You can appear the test up to 5 times per year, but there is no limit set in terms of how many years you can appear. However, you must note that colleges will receive a record of ALL of your attempts in the past 5 years. It does not matter usually as they take the highest score only.

FAQ – 2 out of 16

If colleges come to know that I have taken GMAT multiple times, they might question my capabilities?

GMAT Exam Attempt

This is one of the important facts about MBA entrance examinations. Well, if you have taken the GMAT three to four times, and your score has improved notably, then it is perceived positively by the admission officers. So do not worry.

FAQ – 3 out of 16

I cannot appear the GMAT test anywhere else apart from my own country. True or False?

appear the GMAT test

Yes, you can. If you are a citizen of country A and wish to appear the test in country B, then you must present a valid, unexpired passport of your own country. Also, you may contact the GMAT customer service in your region where you intend to take the test.

FAQ – 4 out of 16

Having a BBA degree is extremely helpful if you are applying to a top B-School. Correct?

BBA degree

This is one of the over hyped facts about MBA admissions. You need to understand that an MBA classroom is open to all the students those who get selected irrespective of the back ground that they have. While on the outset a BBA degree may appear to give you an outside chance, the reality is that your chances of application are dependent more on your GPA, community service, essays and LORs etc. So all are in the same boat.

FAQ – 5 out of 16

If I ask for financial aid, will it shall hurt my chances?

financial aid

This one of the most asked questions by MBA aspirants.As for the facts of MBA admissions, It depends from college to college. At some colleges, if you ask for financial aid, it has no impact on the admission decision of the college admission authorities. These are called need-blind schools. At some other colleges, the need for financial aid can result in a positive or negative decision by the admission decision- making authority.

FAQ – 6 out of 16

Harvard does not admit professionals with finance Background. Agree?

Harvard B-School

This is an outright wrong notion. As per facts about MBA from Harvard, they definitely admit professionals from finance backgrounds. But what you need to realize that just because you have a background in finance, that does not make you an automatic choice for the programs. You clearly need to demonstrate an all-round ability. You will be required to make the admission officers understand about your leadership roles and responsibilities. It all about getting the right inputs from the experts in the field.

FAQ – 7 out of 16

Your Grades or GPA do not count much if you have left school many years ago. True?

GPA for MBA Student

For the top B-Schools GPA definitely matters. The reason is a lot of competition across the world. However, if you had low score in GPA then you must be ready to show what you have done to cover up the deficit in form of other activities or courses taken by you. Also remember that even your School’s name will be factor for the admission officers in some of the top schools.

FAQ – 8 out of 16

Is it true that the Interviews don’t count for much in the admission process?


Student persoanl interview

One of the most asked questions for faq in interview on google – Some of the colleges have done away with on-campus interviews. However, many of them require you to go for alumni interviews. If a college offers the opportunity for an interview, it is not an “optional.” one for you. It is a mandatory thing for you. These facts about MBA should make you ready for any approach that the B-Schools take,

FAQ – 9 out of 16

A student cannot get admission after the age of 30. Agree?

The B-Schools

The B-Schools do not care about your age but they really care about where you are in terms of your career. The B-Schools want to understand your need for an MBA. Ensure that if you are above 30 then you should not only show strong areas but also constructive show some areas of improvement which might lead the schools to think that you really need the MBA. These are well proven facts about MBA from Top B Schools

FAQ – 10 out of 16

Should I avoid talking about my failed ventures?

failed ventures

This is one of the most asked questions in an interview if you happen to have a startup. To understand the perspective about these kind of facts about MBA admission, you should understand that applying into a to a B-School is not only about your successes but also about your failures. If you have a venture failure story to share do it but in a way that shall discuss about the take away from the entire experience. So failed ventures are not a big issue rather they show that you have it in you to take challenges which most B-Schools appreciate. This is a faq in interview for US MBA admissions aspirants.

FAQ – 11 out of 16

If someone has worked for iconic brands and companies, does it guarantee a seat in the B-School?

top brand companies

A lot of applicants think that if they have a well-known company’s name in their resume then they will definitely make it. The answer to such most asked questions on the internet is that this does not hold true as the college gives a very small leverage for which company you were working. What they are more interested is about knowing your nature of work and make sure that you as an applicant project it in the right way.

FAQ – 12 out of 16

Do my chances of acceptance go lower if I reapply in the next year?

Reapply for B-school

This s a myth spread among lot of applicants. The facts about MBA admissions is that if you apply for Stanford, get rejected and apply again in the next year, it shows that you are serious about the school. However, if you are re-applying ensure that you get some expert advice as just being a re applicant does not ensure that you will get through.

FAQ – 13 out of 16

Recommendation letters from CEOs or eminent personalities is the best way forward. Agree?

Recommendation letters from CEOs

This might sound as disappointing and interesting MBA facts about MBA admissions to some but having a LOR written from a distinguished person may not always get you inside your dream B-School. Reason being, first of all it is important for the recommender to know you personally in order to write you LOR properly. A lot of times such people do not have the time to write the LORs themselves and this may negatively affect your chances. Our advice would be to get a LOR from such a person who is not only well established but also knows you personally well to draft a compelling letter of recommendation. This happens to be the most asked questions who do not have a solid academic background.

FAQ – 14 out of 16

Does having contacts at a reputed B-School helps?

reputed B-School

In answer to this most asked questions as such Top B-Schools really do not care about your contacts. So there is no point try to influence the admission officer that your uncle has passed out from that particular B-school and has given a hundred thousand dollars as donation to the school. It is always advisable to show that you are independent and you have it in you what it takes to be a part of the B-School.

FAQ – 15 out of 16

The whole application is read by the admission officers before making a decision. Correct?

MBA admission process

You need to remember the proven facts about MBA admission process that you have to write the essays and the LORs have to be written in such a manner which should encourage the reader to reader the next sentence. There are lot of applications received by the schools each year and a lot of them sound the same. So the moment the admission authorities feel that your application is not interesting or is not in sync with what they are looking for, they will simply put it in the rejected list.

FAQ – 16 out of 16

The Admission officers will never check my Facebook page.

Facebook Page

This happens to be one of the most under rated most asked questions. In this era where so many applicants apply to top premier B-Schools with excellent credentials, since the B-Schools cannot offer admissions to all of them, therefore they are looking for new ways to reject applicants. So be doubly sure regarding what you put on the Facebook. Do not have any inappropriate photos, or join any undesired groups which might lead the admission team to believe that you are not fit enough to be in their school’s league. This is one of the interesting MBA facts about today’s admission process.

FAQs – Most Asked Questions in an Interview

The schools might ask you questions regarding your career goals, like-

i)What are your Career Goals?

Career Goals

You need to answer, on the basis of your short term and long term goals. Remember, you must give realistic goals.

ii)One of the most asked questions – Why MBA? Or why from a specific school?


They ask you such questions, because they want to check your level of interest. You need to research about your target business schools, and answer accordingly. This will show that you have done your homework, and genuinely interested in that particular school.

iii)What are your Accomplishments?


You need to present your accomplishments thoughtfully, and the information must be structured.

They often ask you, about your failures.

You should never hide your failures, as a perfect individual is a myth. Candidates, who candidly talk about their failures are perceived as honest, sensible, and more matured. Most importantly, the admission officers feel that, the candidates have learned from their mistakes. Hence, they do not hesitate to discuss their failures.

However, you should never describe your recent failures, because a recent failure will question your ability to survive in the business school.

Describing a failure in the past, and justifying how it changed you, is the appropriate way to approach these kind of most asked questions in an interview.

iv)Questions on LEADERSHIP.


While answering the questions based on leadership. You need to justify with real life examples Like,

During my college days, I lead my college cricket team, to a tournament win. The answer is incomplete.

So, you have to justify,

  1. a) How had you lead the team?
  2. b) What were the challenges?
  3. c) How did your leadership help the team, and how you motivated your team?
  4. d) What did you learn in the end?

Some questions are situational, and might be based on the ethical dilemma, or the difficult situations you have faced in life. So, you need to openly describe the hurdles faced by you, and how you managed to overcome the situational hazards.

You should expect open ended questions like, what matter you the most, and why?

These kind of most asked questions, don’t have predefined answers, and they don’t limit your options.

V) Creative questions

Creative questions

Creative questions will test your creativity, and your ability to think. The questions can be based on any random topic. Like- Describe yourself to your classmates. These questions, give you a wide range of options to answer.

Different essay questions asked by Top Business Schools.

questions asked in b-schools

questions asked in top schools

Now, before you start your essay, you need to understand the process and facts about MBA essay writing.

COLLMISSION Tips for writing the essay


  • You need to synchronize your past with your present, and demonstrate your future goals. This will make your essay more logical.
  • You have to fit in your points, within a specified word limit. So, proper distribution is important.
  • You need to write narratively and to the point explaining your point of view.
  • While writing use the first person in grammar.
  • You need to maintain a simple style of writing.

We recommend you, to limit the discussion on your past experiences, to approximately 40 percent of your essay length. We will suggest you, to keep the examples short and simple.

If you need expert help, contact us.