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MBA admission help and how to choose your school

In case you are a re applicant, the message written below is for you.

Dear Aspirant,

  You need to understand that Rome was not built in a day. We know that you might have given your best shot. But even your best was not sufficient in your last attempt. Sometimes, even after all your hard work, you may end up on the losing side and not get what you wanted so badly. But having said so – quitting, was never an option and this statement holds even more true when you are at the threshold of making a crucial decision of your career which would change your life 360 degree.

If you do not crack it in your first attempt, the earth is not going to face an apocalypse. So instead of holding yourself responsible, take charge of things that are in your control and let your future take its shape accordingly. The most successful people on the earth have been rejected by their universities and societies. But they have refused to go down without a fight. Everybody has a reason to be here on this planet and its time that you find out your reason now. Remember, that you are special – in every way and in true sense. There is no body like you and we at COLLMISSION sincerely believe in the above mantra.

So the bottom-line is “Never give up !!”

Keep Going !!

All the Best!!!


How we can help you?

 help for mba applicants

At Collmission, we advise applicants to secure admission for their dream school in USA.

The vision that you have for your future, getting an MBA or Masters or PhD from a top school in USA can help you turn your dreams into reality.

We know many applicants are willing to invest the time and energy into applying to top schools – but most get rejected due to avoidable mistakes.

So when we started Collmission, we decided to focus on providing applicants professional advice designed to help you avoid those mistakes which, we know can get you rejected.

We have taken the onus on us to guide our students through our experts who are alumni of top US colleges and live in USA themselves. We are sure that we know about top US colleges better than anybody else in the world.

Our experts help students in the following critical aspects:

collmission application strategy

  1. Profile Evaluation
  2. College Short listing                                      
  3. Business School Resume                               
  4. Application Essays/Statement of Purpose                                       
  5. Letter of Recommendation
  6. Admission Interview Guidance
  7. Visa Interview Guidance
  8. Wait List Management
  9. Chartered Accountant Support for Financial Statement preparation. And lot more

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For MS and PhD details click here

Please note that 90% of the components related to your college applications (for students applying from outside US) are handled by our corporate office experts based in US.

Our US experts shall train you to ensure that you get your preferred college or university.

Do send us your resume to help us in giving you the perfect guidance. Also mention your preferred colleges and majors in USA and we shall take it forward from there.

The first 30 minutes of the counselling session are free. So do not hesitate to call us.

Wishing you all the best for your college hunting!!